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Shogun, Total War, Daimyo, Japan, Feudal, War, Tactics, 4X, Samurai, Game
The Daimyo is not pleased

6. Mount & Blade: Warband (2010)

This series lets you lead the offense yourself

Developer: TaleWorlds Entertainment

Genre: Action RPG, Strategy, Simulation

Mount & Blade, Warband, RPG, Game, Medieval, Simulation, Snow, Army, War

You’ll feel powerful even as a mere human

After picking one of the game’s six factions and creating your Warlord, you are released into the game’s sandbox world with the goal of conquering everything.

Being the only action game on this list, Warband alternates between an overhead map of the game’s world, and a third-person tactical action game where you take the fight to the enemy yourself, backed by your men (whom you can command while you fight). As you advance through battles, your character becomes more powerful, which helps to make the game very addictive.

This being an independent title, there are slight technical rough spots, but as far as pure gameplay goes, Warband is pure gold.

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