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The Daimyo is not pleased

2. Europa Universalis IV (2013)

EUIV is the most exciting map-based game ever made

Developer: Paradox Development Studio

Genre: Grand strategy

Europa Universalis, Europa Universalis IV, Map, Menu, Game, Europe, Diplomacy

Prepare to see a whole lot of this – and ask for more

Europa Universalis lets you decide the fate of a country throughout the Early modern period, in a highly complex and customizable 4x experience.

Like Crusader Kings II. this game is actually a sandbox map of the world from which you are free to decide and control whatever it is that you want to do. EUIV has no set goal, although the game will end if you are completely conquered. Crushing the world through military might, becoming an economic/religious/trade superpower, or just enjoying the privilege of managing a country, are all viable options for enjoyment.

It could be considered difficult to recommend a game that looks like a map all the time, but Europa Universalis IV offers so much complexity, replayability and options that it breaks the mold. Give it a shot, unless you really hate geography.

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