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Shogun, Total War, Daimyo, Japan, Feudal, War, Tactics, 4X, Samurai, Game
The Daimyo is not pleased

4. Crusader Kings 2 (2012)

An accurate illustration of what you can expect

Developer: Paradox Development Studio

Genre: Grand strategy

Crusader Kings, Crusader Kings II, Europe, War, Game, Intrigue, 4X

The game is unbelievably complex

Take control of a medieval dynasty, and lead it through some 400 years of alternate history. The game has no set goal or story, instead providing the played with semi-randomized fun.

Everything in Crusader Kings 2 has so many layers, variants and variables that it’s amazing that they even thought about it. For instance, besides managing your economic, military and religious standing, you also need to be mindful of political marriages and assassinations. Finding a good spouse for your heir can make or break an alliance, while a negative trait you’ve introduced into your dynasty’s genetics can haunt your descendants for centuries.

If you enjoy the strategic aspect of the genre and can live without playing out the battles yourself, then Crusader Kings 2 is possibly the best thing you will ever play.

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