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Shogun, Total War, Daimyo, Japan, Feudal, War, Tactics, 4X, Samurai, Game
The Daimyo is not pleased

5. Star Wars: Empire At War (2006)

Familiar gameplay in an even more familiar universe

Developer: Petroglyph Games

Genre: Real-time strategy

Star Wars, War, Space, AT-AT, AT-ST, Empire at War, Game, Strategy, Tanks

A Star Wars strategy game that’s actually good? Yes, please!

Choose between the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire and go to war for domination over the galaxy far, far away.

As is the custom, you move your forces over a large over-map, and engage in real-time combat when you encounter opposition. The scale of the game is massive due to it being set in space, and the tactical battles are sufficiently epic. Granted, the title loses a lot in the diplomacy department due to having only two opposed factions, but the setting and space battles are there to make up for it.

Fans of Star Wars, as well as those who love the characteristic game genre, will find no fault in Empire at War.

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