[Top 10] Civilization 5 Best Domination CiVs That Are Powerful

CiV 5 Best Domination CiV
It it very smart to talk your way out of things, it even cooler when you do it with a sword!

10. Greece

    We all know from history that Alexander the Great was a great king but even a more brilliant commander, managing to conquer territories from Europe to India. 

    Well in the game Alexander rules over the nation of Greece, which is a historical way it true, even if he isn't ruling a nation called Macedonia, which from history we know he did, Macedonia is de facto of Greece origins so that makes sense in a way to put him the ruler of Greece. In the game Alexander has some pretty cool buffs when it comes to the military, making him an easy pick for a fast phased victory, his Hoplites and Cavalry upgrades make Greece one of the strongest nations in the base game. Moreover, thanks to the Alexander Hellenistic League bonus, Greece has double influence over the city-states of the map.

    So if you are a beginner of the game and you want to learn the workarounds of the game, this nation is certainly for you.


  • Offers great bonuses
  • Has a strong historical personality
  • Has very strong special units

Find out more about the Greece nation: https://civilization.fandom.com/wiki/Greek_(Civ5) 

9. Huns

    The Huns are a great nation if you want to start your world conquest fast and end it even faster, having nomadic bonuses and special units for shock attacks like Horse Archers or Centaurs all of those begin led by the feared Grate Ghan Attila, makes this Nation one that should not be reckoned with.

    Overall, it is a great nation for advanced players, because of the lack of settlers and has a fast-paced style of game of attacking and pillaging from an early start makes this nation a medium-difficult one.


  • Grate pillaging tactics
  • A fun way to experience the game
  • Has a great military leader

Find out more about the Huns: https://civilization.fandom.com/wiki/Hunnic_(Civ5) 

8. Poland

    Civilization 5 offers a lot of great playable countries, but Poland has a special place among them. Poland is an easy-start difficult nation which is led by Casimir III, who offers some great bonuses like receiving free social policies when advancing from one era to other thanks to his Solidarity trait, and thanks to military traditions and special units, Poland can offer you an easy head start in the game.

     Overall, Poland is a great and fun nation to play with, it is very flexible, offers a lot of great advantages, and is a military powerhouse.


  • Has a great military leader
  • Offers advantageous traits
  • Great military units

Find out more about Poland:https://civilization.fandom.com/wiki/Polish_(Civ5) 

7. England

      England in Civilization 5 is a true power horse and the most powerful military nation in the game, they are the strongest seafaring nation in the game hands down. The starting Bias of England is near Oceans allowing them to easily obtain naval dominance military but economically too. With Queen Elisabeth on the throne, the English nation has +2 movement speed to all naval units and allows for an extra spy to eliminate the queen's enemies in a quiet way thanks to the Sun never sets trait.

    Overall, England is a good nation to start your Civilization 5 experience, with great bonuses, units, and a strong monarch to keep the nation united.


  • strong military
  • great naval economy
  • great starting bonuses

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT ENGLAND:https://civilization.fandom.com/wiki/English_(Civ5)#Queen_Elizabeth_I 

6. Egypt

    The Egyptian nation is a god-tier nation, having advanced engineering knowledge making them a strong starting civilization. Having a bias that allows them to spawn in places where expanding is very easy. The Monument Builders trait allows them to make Wonders at an incredible rate allowing them to obtain even more bonuses. The nation's military relies on quick and flexible tactics having units like war chariots and other fast phased units at their disposal. 

    Overall, Egypt is a great nation having economic and military strong points, you can easily win the game without breaking a sweat.


  • strong economic system 
  • strong leader
  • strong military

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT EGYPT: https://civilization.fandom.com/wiki/Egyptian_(Civ5)  

5. Korea

    Among the many nations in Civilization 5 that I played, Korea is on top 3 in my book, here's why. Besides the fact that it has a coastal start bio and can dominate as well as England the naval trade, it can also advance pretty fast throughout the Eras thanks to their dedication to science and learning. Additionally, Korea gets a lot of tech boosts from buildings and wonders if they are built in the capital.  They do not disappoint on the military side either, as they have a well build defensive army which can withstand even the most hardcore attacks from any nation….even Gandhi!!!

    Overall, Korea is a great nation to start building an economic powerhouse and become the most scientifically advanced nation in no time!


  • good starting position
  • has a lot of of scientific bonuses
  • has the potential of becoming a powerful economic nation

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT KOREA: https://civilization.fandom.com/wiki/Korean_(Civ5) 


    If you were to challenge yourself to win the game diplomatically, Venice is the ANSWER! Although Venice can become a rich nation pretty fast thanks to its policies and traits, Venice also has a great relationship with city-states, a very important bonus when you are having World Conferences. Even more, with a great starting bias that allows you to conquer the trading on the sea and even challenge England on trading dominance, you can be sure that you will have a great time playing this nation.

    Military speaking, Venice is not so strong but it has some strong special units that if you use wisely you can defend and even conquer territories.


  • has strong economic traits
  • strong special units
  • fast city development thanks to the traits

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT VENICE: https://civilization.fandom.com/wiki/Venetian_(Civ5) 

3. France

    France is an interesting nation, it has a rich history in culture and education. Moreover, we should not forget about the military power that it is even today. In Civilization 5 France is a nation that starts with no bias advantage spawning is very random with this nation. Although a bad spawn can be a bad start, France can easily bounce back. Strategically speaking France is aimed for cultural dominance and because of that, you can easily obtain a cultural victory.  Military speaking, France is a strong nation having one of the best special units (the Musketeer and Foreign Legion) they can easily obtain world dominance through military conquest.

    Overall, France is a great nation that is worth playing if you want to enjoy a nice and peaceful game or be a military leader ready to take the world by force.


  • Great National Bonuses
  • Great Special Units
  • Great Special Buildings

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT FRANCE HERE: https://civilization.fandom.com/wiki/French_(Civ5) 


    Civilization V has some great nations that not a lot of people care or know about and the Shoshone people are one of them. The Shoshones are a very versatile nation. They have a strong starting advantage of quickly taking control of nearby resources and establishing local dominance over the nearby areas. The best part of this nation is the ability that allows newly founded cities to begin with 8 additional tiles, allowing them to immediately gain access to valuable resources which are two or even three miles away. Furthermore, the ability to choose what bonus you receive from ancient ruins coupled with their free expanded borders upon settling a city make their early game very strong. 

    Overall, a strong nation that is worth playing if you want to have an early good start and a strong influence over the resources.


  • Strong nation ability
  • Has great cultural advantages
  • Has very easy access to resources

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT SHOSHONES: https://civilization.fandom.com/wiki/Shoshone_(Civ5) 


    The Persian civilization could easily be placed in the god-tier rank of nations in Civilization 5. In the game, the Persian people are a strong dominating nation with great cultural bonuses and strong military culture. Furthermore, The Persian nation could easily take the first place when it comes to the golden age, allowing them to have a longer and more prosperous one and their military becomes a lot more efficient and deadly. Moreover, the nation bonus (INGENUITY) allows them to receive great scientists and earn them  50% faster than usual. Their special unit is the immortals, a great early unit that allows them to fight off foreign invaders very efficiently (by recovering from battle much faster than usual).

    Overall, The Persian Empire is a great nation that allows you to win the game with an iron fist thanks to the golden age buffs and strong military culture.


  • great military leader
  • strong national bonuses
  • has a lot of golden ages

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT PERSIA: https://civilization.fandom.com/wiki/Persian_(Civ5) 


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