[Top 10] CiV 5 Best Leaders That Are Powerful

CiV 5 Best Leaders
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​10. Nebuchadnezzar II (Babylon)

The Babylonian Empire was a reinvigoration of the sumerian Empire of the city of Ur, who were also settled along the banks of the Fertile Crescent in what can be known today as Southern Iraq. The Babyloians were formed from a collection of roughly twelve city-states and was named for its capital city of Babylon. Before forming an empire, The city of Babylon itself was standing at least since the 24th century B.C.

In terms of strength as why they are such a powerful civ in the game is centered around its focus in the sciences and being able to take an early lead in tech and maintain it for the rest of the game if played well unlocking higher tier units and buildings to ramp up power as well as the economy or culture.

Babylon takes the  number ten spot because of its focus on science, some players may forget to build up an army, Their economy or cultural hold and may succumb to invasion from other players or A.I, having their civ go into negative gold per turn, low production and culture yield if not given equal attention.

Why Nebuchhadnezzar II is  great:

  • Free Great Scientist after the discovery of writing 
  • Bowman replacing the standard archer, Bowman takes more damage to defeat as well as dealing extra damage compared to archers. Good early game strat.
  • Walls of babylon replacing standard walls and boasting higher city hit points(100 vs 50) , higher city defense strength (6 vs 5) as well as a lower production cost compared to normal walls (65 vs 75)
  • Generates Great scientists 50% faster than other civs
  • Rapid technological advancement leads to the production of higher grade units and buildings eras faster than other civs

Details on Civilization: Nebuchadnezzar II


 9. Oda Nobunaga (Japan)


In 1549 the father of a young nobleman named Oda Nobunaga died, leaving his son some Land, Money And a group of Samurai retainers. Within eleven years he had defeated all opposition and taken control of the Owari province. A man considered to be a brilliant visionary and military leader, Oda quickly adopted the new muskets , using them with efficiency against anyone ignorant enough to stand against him. In the 1560s Nobunaga marched on and captured Kyoto. By 1573 he deposed the Shogun. By the time of his death by assassination in 1582 Oda had unified nearly half of Japan.

The Japanese are purely a military civilization. Both their unique ability and their two unique units contribute to an amazing fighting force, which has the ability to deliver enormous amounts of damage even when their units aren't at full health.As well as the units are unlocked during two crucial moment of the game being early game industrialization and the late game beginning in the late industrial era beginning of modern and atomic.

When aggressive civilizations need to continue expanding on their way towards a domination victory, their unique units and abilities are a surefire way to win a domination. 

 Why oda nobunaga is great:

  • Special ability allows military units to fight at full strength even when not at full health 
  • +1 culture from fishing boats +2 culture from each atoll 
  • Samurai instead of LongSwordsman, Comes with shock 1 and great generals II promotions, Able to create fishing boats.
  • Zero replaced the fighter boasting a 33 point damage increase to other aerial units. As well as cost zero oil to produce the unit.

Details on civilization: : Oda Nobunaga


8. Casimir III ( Poland)  

Lying in between the Baltic Sea to the north and the Carpathian Mountains to the south, the Polish plain served as the gateway for invasions of the heartland of Europe from the east and invasions from Russia from the west. Poland became a recognizable entity in the mid-10th Century AD under the Piast dynasty of kings;its modern history begins in 966 A.D when the first Piast king, Mieszko I, was converted to Christianity. For hundreds of years afterward, Poland's fortunes waxed and waned at the hands of powerful neighbors and invaders, from the German Knights to the Mongol Golden Horde to the Soviet Union's forces. Even in times of national crisis, however, Polish ideals of revolution and independence remained strong and never faltered. Those ideals, carried abroad by Polish expatriates,They informed the American and French revolutions. The Polish constitution of 1791 AD, the oldest in Europe, incorporated those same democratic ideals.

One of the more versatile civs in the game, They have the potential to snowball into any victory they want but not in the scientific way the Babylonians do, They do the same using their advantage in gaining social policies faster than others with a special ability for mounted units.

 Why  Casimir III iis great:

  • Special ability “Solidarity” Rewards players with a free social policy for advancing to a new era 
  • Winged hussar instead of a lancer Comes with Shock I promotion and special ability to make enemy defenders withdraw if they inflict more damage than the hussar receives 
  • Winged hussar also does more damage compared to other mounted units (28 vs. 25) as well as +1 movement speed
  • Ducal stable instead of stable, Boasts +15% production to mounted units built in the city in which the ducal stable was built. No maintenance cost for the building, +15% exp to units trained in the city as well as +1 production and +1 gold for any source of sheep, horses or cattle worked within the city

Details on civilization: Casmir III


7. Sejong (Korea)

The Korean peninsula, known today for its divided nations of North and South Korea, has been home to numerous kingdoms over the ages, some virtuous, some steeped in infamy and strife. At times rivaling its neighbors, The powerful nations of China and Japan, Korea was united under the rule of the Choson Dynasty for over 500 years. The turmoil of the Japanese occupation in the early 20th century, followed by the Korean War in 1950, would shatter this once sacred unity. From this strife, South Korea has emerged as a nation of increasing economic and cultural significance on a global scale. In contrast, the oppressive regime controlling the reclusive North Korean state is frequently the subject of international condemnation for its handling of human rights and diplomatic relations.

In the game, The koreans are a science based civilizations but are granted different special abilities to aid in this endeavor compared to the babylonians. Possessing abilities that grant them extra science to all specialist and great person improvements as well as a science boost when a building that produces science is built in the capital.

Why Sejong is great:

  • Special ability “ Scholars of the Jade hall” provides +2 science for every specialist as well as great person tile improvements.

  • Receives a tech boost every time a scientific building is built within the capital or scientific wonder.

  • Hwach’as instead of trebuchets boast no limited visibility as well as a  stronger ranged attack (26 vs 14)

  • Turtle ship instead of caravel, Boasts an increased damaged boost (36 vs 20)

  Details on civilization: Sejong


6. Elizabeth (England) 

Queen Elizabeth was one of the most remarkable rulers in English history. The daughter of King Henry VIII, Elizabeth took the throne in a period of great social and religious upheaval in England (and across Europe). Intelligent, beautiful, and with a great deal of courage, Elizabeth inherited a country that was essentially bankrupt, on the brink of religious civil war, and under threat of conquest by its much stronger neighbor at the time , Spain. During her reign of power, Elizabeth united the country, confounded Spain's attempts at invasion, and ushered in one of the great golden ages of arts and literature in human history. She also oversaw a major expansion of the English navy, which would dominate the world's seas for centuries to come.

One of the strongest if not THE strongest seafaring civilization in the game, their special abilities allow them to dominate the seas much like they did years ago, being able to travel and take control of the seven seas of civ with ease. Also, Thanks to the Brave New World update they are allowed an extra spy.

  Why Elizabeth is great:

  • Special Ability “Sun never sets” Allows +2 movement for all naval units
  • Longbowman instead of crossbowman boast a +1 range increase.
  • Ship of The Line instead of Frigate, Boasts a +1 sight increase as well as better defensive and better damage. Defense: 30 Vs 25  Offense: 35 Vs 28
  • Receives 1 extra spy starting in the renaissance era

Details on Civilization: Elizabeth


5. Pacal ( Maya) 

Primarily inhabiting regions of present-day Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize from the 3rd through the 10th centuries AD, the Maya people lived in a network of independent states sharing a common culture and religion. While their true origin is shrouded in mystery, numerous theories exist as to the early development of Maya civilization. According to archaeological records, the first distinct Maya settlements were established around 2000 BC. Growing from agricultural communities into vast urban centers, the Maya city-states came to rely on sophisticated farming techniques for both sustenance and trade. Although many of their settlements suffered from an unexplained collapse late in the 1st millennium , numerous cities still thrived until the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors in the 16th century.

The Mayans Don’t necessarily lean towards any direct victory path because their special ability allows them to go in any direction the player wants by allowing them to gain great people much faster than any other civ.

  Why Pacal is great:

  • Special ability “The long count”, After the discovery of theology the player will receive a great person every 394 years.

  • Atlatlist instead of archer, The player will be allowed to build this unit after the discovery of agriculture rather than archery. Also boasts less production cost to produce the unit (36 vs 40) 

  • Pyramid replaces the shrine, +1 additional faith with “Organized Religion” social policy,+1 culture with ancestor worship belief, +1 food for “ Feed the world'' religious belief as well as +1 happiness with cities with at least three followers with the Asceticism Belief. Also provides +2 science and +2 faith 

 Details on civilization: Pacal


4. Attila ( The huns) 


Migrating throughout Europe in the 4th and 5th centuries AD, the nomadic Huns were a tribal people originally thought to have their origins on the steppes of Central Asia. United under the charge of their most memorable leader, Attila, the Hunnic army plundered and pillaged its way across Europe, becoming a notorious scourge to the Romans and their allies.

Easily the most offensive Civilization in the game, Having an extra siege unit as well as a mounted unit unlocked both in the ancient era makes them a terrifying foe in the early game allowing them to capture and raze enemy cities early and with terrifying ease.

  Why Attila is great:

  • Special ability “Scourge of god” allows the player to raze cities at double the normal rate, borrow city names from other in-game civs,start the game with animal husbandry,+1 production per pasture
  • Battering ram instead of a spearman, Boasts a bonus vs cities (300) as well as comes with the cover 1 promotion
  • Horse archer replacing the chariot archer, comes with no terrain penalty as well as the accuracy I promotion,Doesn't require horses to produce as well as increased damage ( 7 vs 6)

  Details on civilization: Attila


3. Alexander (Greece)

It is difficult to underestimate the impact that Greece has had upon Western culture and history. Classical Greece has given birth to some of the greatest artists, philosophers, scientists, historians, dramatists and warriors the world has ever seen and known. Greek warriors and colonists spread their culture throughout the Mediterranean and into the Near and Far East. The heirs to Greece, the Romans, further spread Greek thought and culture throughout Europe, and from there it spread across the oceans and into the New World.Greece and its people are credited with an astonishing number of inventions and discoveries, including the first theatrical performance, work of history, and philosophic treatise. The Greeks provided the West's first recorded sporting event, poem, and building dedicated to theatre. In politics, the Greeks created the world's first known democracy and republic. Greek influence is still all around us: today's doctors still take the Hippocratic Oath, and modern architects still look to classical Greek forms for inspiration.

The Greeks in the game excel at Diplomacy and city state relations, Their special ability sets that nootion in stone. They also have the ability to go through city state territory without having their influence with the state go down and cause a trespassing incident.

Why Alexander is great: 

  • Special Ability ( Hellenic League) City state relations degrades at hald and recovers at twice the normal rate no matter if they are friendly, hostile or neutral. 
  • Greek units are also allowed to enter into city state territory without causing a trespassing incident and causing relations to go down. The units will also heal as though they were in friendly territory
  • Companion cavalry instead of cavalry, Can move after attacking, +1 faster movement, Damage buff (14 vs 12) as well as comes with the great generals I promotion
  • Hoplite instead of spearman, 50% bonus vs mounted units and increased damage buff ( 13 vs 11) 

  Details on civilization: Alexander


2. Wu Zetian ( Chinese)

China is a civilization spanning some six thousand years and comprising a large fraction of humanity. There is evidence of man's prehistoric ancestors living in China some two million years ago, and modern man has lived in the area for at least 18,000 years, possibly much longer. China can be divided into three main areas: the mountainous highlands of the west, the rugged south, and the eastern lowlands bordering the Yellow and East China Seas. Bisected by a number of major rivers, the incredibly fertile lowlands have been the center of power in China. Throughout much of its history China has remained an insular and isolated civilization, largely ignoring and being ignored by the rest of the world. This was not a difficult task since for many centuries China long held a distinct technological and military edge over any and all external foes. And any threats it could not defeat militarily, it simply absorbed into its own culture.

The chinese are one of the more versatile civs in the game with an advantage in the domination and scientific paths of the game. With its special abilities and its special unit and building aiding in these regards. 

  Why Wu Zeitan is great:

  • Their special ability ( Art of war) Grants great generals a combat bonus of 50% and increases the spawn rate of the great generals by 50%.
  • Chu-Ko-Nu instead of crossbowman, Possesses the ability to attack twice in one turn.
  • Paper Maker instead of a Library, +1 science for every 2 citizens in the city, +1 gold with the sovereignty social policy,+2 gold right off the bat as well as no maintenance cost to have in your cities.

Details on civilzation: Wu zeitan


1. Darius I (Persia)

Cyrus II was succeeded by his son, Cambyses II. After allegedly securing his throne by murdering his brother Bardiya, in 525 BC Cambyses led a campaign against Egypt, which fell after battles at Pelusium and Memphis. Cambyses then attempted to further extend Persian power west, but attacks against Carthage, Nubia and Amon were all unsuccessful. In 522 Cambyses learned of a revolt in Iran led by an imposter claiming to be his brother, Bardiya. He died while hurrying home to regain control of the rebellious region. It was said that he committed suicide, but some historians believe that was just propaganda spread by his successor.Upon Cambyses II's death, one of his generals, a man named "Darius," led his troops back to Iran to crush the rebellion, which was apparently well advanced by the time Darius arrived. A member of the Achaemenian house and a distant relative of Cambyses II, Darius had himself declared Cambyses's rightful heir. It took a year of hard fighting to break the back of the revolt and to secure his claim to the throne, but by 521 Darius I was in firm control of the Persian Empire.Darius I was by all accounts a superlative leader. After squelching the rebellion through a combination of harsh punishment of rebel leaders combined with clemency of local populations, he then worked to reorganize the empire and to codify its laws. He further expanded Persian power into northern India and he established a bridgehead beyond, giving Persia a permanent toehold in Europe. He successfully suppressed a revolt of the Greek city-states, earning Greek citizens' goodwill by removing local tyrants and returning democracy to the people.

The Persian civilization could well be considered the most versatile of all civilizations as well as the master of Golden Ages: first, their Golden Ages last longer (a bonus cumulative with other, similar bonuses like that of Chichen Itza); second, their units become much more effective during a Golden Age third and Lastly, their unique building has an additional Happiness boost, which helps in achieving Golden Ages more often. Keeping that in mind, play on the strengths provided by a Golden Age - the Gold, Culture, and Production bonuses - and choose a path to victory which uses these strengths. Because of their diversity, this could be in fact any of the four paths! Try to accumulate lots of extra Happiness to reach Golden Ages more often, and time your battle moves accordingly to use the Movement and Combat Strength bonuses for your units.

  Why Darius I is great:

  • Golden Ages last 50% longer
  • During a golden age units receive +1 movement and +10% defensive bonus.
  • Immortal instead of a spearman, Has a 50% bonus towards mounted units, Heals at double the normal rate, extra defensive strength ( 12 vs 11)
  • Satrap’s Court instead of a bank. Comes with +25% gold in the city in which it was built,1  merchant specialist spot, +1 gold per incoming trade route and +1 gold to the owner of the route,+1 science with mercantilism policy, +1 happiness with capitalism freedom tenet as well as +2 happiness and +3 gold right off the  bat once the building is completed.  

Details on Civilization: Darius I


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