[Top 15] Best Star Wars Fan Films You Need To Watch

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[Top 15] Best Star Wars Fan Films You Need To Watch


15. Knight of the Sith Empire


The film is the third part of the Dark Conquest trilogy of films, and depicts the attack of a squad of Sith warriors under the command of the powerful Darth Malgus, as the Republic forces struggle to protect Coruscants’s planetary defense codes. The setting is compelling, the costumes are well-done, and while the choreography leaves some to be desired, it’s a pretty cool project overall.


14. Order 66

ORDER 66 - Star Wars Short Film

Nim Rosaan, a Jedi, and his squad of Clones return from a brief scouting mission when the Senator executes Order 66, forcing Nim to fight and execute his whole squad. The 2-minute film is filled with action, immediately followed by the sad realization that the Jedi was forced to execute his whole squad. The film ends with an appearance from the Second Sister, a powerful Dark Jedi, and member of Vader’s Inquisitorium, an elite Jedi extermination squad, as she prepares to engage with Nim.


13. Fallen Angel

FALLEN ANGEL - A Star Wars Short Film

Anakin Skywalker’s fall to the Dark Side was one of the most powerful and tragic moments in Star Wars history, a story about a conflicted man trying to save his wife from death. The short film takes place during Vader’s visit to Padme’s tomb, with him taking off his mask to reveal himself to his wife. Unfortunately, a group of rebel soldiers approaches the tomb, seemingly curious as to the mysterious visitor, while presumably protecting the tomb of the loved Senator. The film ends with Vader putting on the mask and murdering the soldiers, leaving that moment of his old life behind. It’s a haunting film, enhanced by its visuals and music.


12. Dark Jedi

DARK JEDI: A STAR WARS story - Fan Film

Leaving some to be desired in regards to the acting chops of its two protagonists, this short film depicts the fall of a Jedi to the Dark Side of the Force, with his companion following in his tracks to try to dissuade him. Their fight turns physical, with the VFX and choreography stealing the show easily. The two protagonists flawlessly dance around each other, combining hand-to-hand combat with the classic Star Wars duels. If you are a sucker for cool duels give that one a watch.


11. BETRAYAL - Star Wars: Order 66

BETRAYAL - Star Wars: Order 66 Short Film

One of the coolest and saddest animated fan films, this one depicts the events of Order 66, the purge of the Jedi by the Clones, orchestrated by Darth Sidious. The film gives a unique take on the reality of the Clones after they receive their orders, with their memories being altered to portray their Jedi General as a heartless traitor, before inevitably shooting him down.


10. The Dark Resurgence

Taking place in an alternate Star Wars history, the film takes place after the Battle of Endor and the fall of the Galactic Empire, with Lord Vycus, a Sith warrior, taking refugee on a distant planet, to await orders from the mysterious Dark Council. The film uses natural backgrounds to give a realistic feeling to the setting, the lightsaber battles are cool and the dialogue and costumes are on point. It’s a really solid film and it manages to capture the essence of what the fans love about Star Wars.


9. Kenobi

KENOBI - A Star Wars Fan Film 

With the release of the Obi-Wan Kenobi series and its mixed critics and fan reviews, it’s worth looking at this fan film, which manages to portray Kenobi as a man filled with grief and regret, with a duty to protect his old student’s child from the clutches of the Empire. The film expertly shows the fractured connection to the Force Obi-Wan has, his PTSD from the fall of the Republic, and Anakin’s Fall to the Dark Side, an event that he was the cause of.

 By the end of the film, Obi-Wan realizes his new purpose, mends his connection to the Force, and manages to keep Luke safe, setting up the events of the original Star Wars and connecting it to the end of Revenge of the Sith almost flawlessly. If you were not happy with the official series there is a big chance you will get what you were hoping for here.


8. Days Past

Days Past - A Star Wars Fan Film

Days Past puts action aside, in favor of a powerful script, backed by powerful performances by its two leads. The film takes place on a desert planet after the fall of the Republic, as Valera, a former Republic officer, now working against the Empire is confronted by her old life in the face of an old student of hers. Their confrontation is sad, chilling, and powerful, portraying their love, remorse, and guilt for each other and themselves. The cinematography is beautiful and the ending is haunting, showing that a good Star Wars story is not necessarily dependent on flashy duels and space battles.


7. Rebel Scum

REBEL SCUM - Star Wars Fan Film (2016)

Self-contained stories were always the stronger ones, and this one has the privilege to add to already existing events, weaving them effortlessly in the narrative of the original trilogy. The film follows a Rebel pilot, accidentally abandoned in the frozen wastes of Hoth, after the hasty retreat of the Rebels at the beginning of Empire Strikes Back. The pilot has to survive and find a way off the planet, fighting droids, stormtroopers, and the unbearable cold of Hoth. It’s a clever little story, which showcases the feelings of isolation, despair, and eventual success of the pilot through sheer willpower and cunningness. The film also boasts excellent cinematography, so strikingly similar to that of the movie that it could pass as a deleted scene of it, a beautiful and haunting setting, and amazing VFX. 


6. A Blaster in the Right Hands

A Blaster In The Right Hands: A Star Wars Story (2021) Fan Film

Another self-contained story, this one follows two bounty hunters as they attempt to retrieve a mysterious cargo from the clutches of the Empire. Bounty hunting was always one of the more alluring parts of the Star Wars lore, and yet it has barely been explored in the movies and most mainstream media, excluding The Mandalorian and, to a questionable extent, The Book of Boba Fett. The film received 15 awards, among them some for its cinematography, director, lead actress, and composer. The film is gritty, with occasional touches of humor here and there and it keeps its audience hooked to the end. Finally, it boasts a cameo, which many fans will surely enjoy.



.CAD BANE | Star Wars Fan-Film

One of the most unexpectedly charming and tough antagonists of the excellent animated Clone Wars series was Cad Bane, a bounty hunter with a mix of western and cyberpunk looks, working against the Republic. Since Bane’s first appearance he has been a fan favorite, even appearing in The Book of Boba Fett series. 

The short film follows Cad Bane as he accompanies an adorable, trigger-happy Jawa, going up against the newly formed Galactic Empire. The team behind the film managed to film the majority of the film in live-action, giving an authentic, gritty feeling to the film, with Cad Bane's costumes and mannerisms being the definitive attractions of the story. The shootouts and duels scenes are extremely fun to watch and the quality can easily be compared to the works of Lucasfilms and Disney. 


4. Shadow of the Republic

.SHADOW OF THE REPUBLIC - Star Wars Short Film

The film follows a squad of Republic Commandos, as they attempt a rescue of a Republic Senator, going up against Separatist Droids disguised as Clone Troopers, or at least that’s what they’ve been told by someone “straight from the top”. The film explores the Civil War and the Clones’ role in it, exploring themes of duty and betrayal. The voice acting and the visuals are top-notch and the film is helped by a feeling of unease and dread that follows the viewer as the story unfolds during a seemingly routine mission for the Commandos.


3. Darth Maul: Apprentice

DARTH MAUL: Apprentice - A Star Wars Fan-Film

When Episode 1 was released with mixed reception one of the few strong points of the film was the mysterious Darth Maul, a powerful Sith Lord, apprentice to the mysterious Darth Sidious. His double-bladed lightsaber and his savage, athletic fighting techniques won over fans, with some regarding the final duel as the best the mainstream Star Wars movies had to offer. This fan film takes place before Episode 1, with Darth Sidious testing Maul and his loyalty to the Sith by pitting his apprentice against a squad of Jedi Knights. The cinematography is beautiful, the choreography is truly a blast to watch and Maul’s, as well as the Jedi’s, make-up, and VFX, are a sight to behold. The film manages to explore the flimsy line between the Light and Dark Side of the Force and both Maul and his Jedi opponent go through a small character arc in the duration of the film. If you are a fan of Maul and wanted to see more of him check this one out. It’s more than you are waiting for.


2. Star Wars Origins

Star Wars Origins - The award-winning, Mark Hamill approved “epic masterpiece” - Star Wars Fan Film

The most unusual film on this list is by far one of its best. Taking home a ton of awards for its directing, cinematography, and lead actress in a variety of festivals, the film takes place on Earth during the Nazi occupation, where an archaeologist discovers an artifact of great power, with the polite to unite and end the biggest war of them all. The film mashes Indiana Jones and Star Wars flawlessly, in a story which is a must-watch for every Star Wars fan. The narrative picks up immediately and never lets go, taking the viewer on a journey across beautiful desert locales and set pieces, with the Empire forces being replaced by Nazi soldiers. Blasters are replaced with conventional guns, and speeders become jeeps and trucks but the story is there and it’s satisfying.


1. Vader Episode 1: Shards of the Past


The team behind Shards of the Past had a clear goal in mind and they went out of their way to give the fans exactly what they need. Starting with an epic fake-out duel, Vader absolutely annihilates Stormtroopers while casually Force Choking the Emperor, showing off his power and tenacity, before having him come face to face with a vision of his deceased love Padme. The movie uses this to give us a glimpse of Anakin’s desires about the things he lost, and the things he killed, while he is regenerating in his Healing Chamber. It is brutal in its action and execution, giving us a look at Vader’s duality, with his past as Anakin Skywalker holding him back from fully embracing the Dark Side. The film ends with the Emperor urging Vader to accept and embrace the darkness inside him, before sending him to Naboo to face an old ally.


We have to admit, the list was extremely hard to compile without inevitably sacrificing some gems, as the Star Wars fandom has managed to realize stories and characters that did not have the chance to shine on the big screen. If you are interested in more, feel free to do your search, as most are works of art and can give the fans what they crave. Go on, do your search, and May the Force be with you.

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