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Blizzard all the way!
Blizzard all the way!

2. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

It's about time

Hell. It's about time!

Yes, we all grumbled about how long it was taking Blizzard to release the sequel to one of gaming’s most beloved real-time strategy games, StarCraft. Some of us were even beginning to think Blizzard was going to pull a Gabe Newell (and the perpetual no-show, Half-Life 3) on fans. But after a decade of teeth-grinding, StarCraft II finally hit the shelves, and with it, the developer proved that some things are just worth the wait.

The game is set two years after Brood War, and focuses on the Terran perspective. Specifically, it follows war hero and space cowboy Jim Raynor’s struggle to bring the Terran Dominion's Emperor Arcturus Mengsk (who has declared him an outlaw) to justice. He also wants to save his on-and-off love interest Kerrigan, which is much tougher than it sounds, given that she's turned into a genocidal half-human, half-something-else monster.

Game over

Game over, man! Game over! 

StarCraft II sees the return of many beloved units and the introduction of several new ones, in addition to upgraded graphics, A.I, and multiplayer options. Gameplay-wise, it stays true to the formula that made its predecessor work so well. It was a decision everybody - from the most cynical game critic to your best friend's mom - applauded.

Our rating – 5/5

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