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Blizzard all the way!
Blizzard all the way!

3. StarCraft: Brood War

Darkening the skies

Darkening the skies

Power overwhelming! There probably isn't a PC gamer alive who hasn't heard these words.

Blizzard wowed strategy gamers with Warcraft II and its expansions, but it was truly StarCraft that made the developer the lord of the genre.

Leaving swords and sorcery behind, StarCraft takes players to space, into a distant future when our exiled descendants, the Terrans, find themselves in conflict with the technologically advanced, psionic Protoss, and the savage, insectoid Zerg.

Fear the color yellow

Fear the color yellow!

Brood War, StarCraft’s first and only expansion, is third on our list of best Blizzard games for vastly improving on the already spectacular original. Each race is given new units, allowing for fresh tactics and even greater play style diversity. Its story, which takes a darker, more tragic turn, involves Kerrigan – Queen of Blades and ruler of the Zerg – betraying alliances in order to become the dominant force in the sector.

Our rating – 5/5

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