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It’s all about surviving with your sanity intact.

8. P.A.M.E.L.A.

For those of us who love games like Bioshock, there is PAMELA.

The futuristic utopian city of Eden has fallen. Its population has been ravaged by a horrible disfiguring disease, and now the Afflicted run rampant in the streets. The player character wakes up in the aftermath of the disaster and must learn how to survive in an unforgiving paradise.

PAMELA places a heavy emphasis on survival. As horrifying as this might sound, the afflicted are not the first thing you should worry about. Staples of actual real life survival such as food and water are priority one. You will not be doing much gun toting if you are half starved to death. So, just to review: water and shelter before fire fights. It is a shame that everything in a world so beautiful is trying to kill you.

PAMELA will be available on Steam sometime in the summer of 2016. 

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