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It’s all about surviving with your sanity intact.

9. We Happy Few

Have you tried Joy? It’s all the rage. 

We Happy Few tops this list for having the creepiest antagonists this year. Who else finds those smiling masks disturbing? In futuristic dystopian 1960s style England the new drug of choice is called Joy. Taking Joy causes periods of euphoria and causes the user to forget everything bad that ever happened to them. This begs the question, what happened in this world that nearly everyone feels the need to constantly use Joy? Something tells me that I do not want to know.

You are a downer, a citizen who, for some reason, is not taking Joy. This is apparently a huge social taboo, as the other citizens will turn violent if they discover your dirty little secret. Your goal is to escape the city without raising too much suspicion. Breaking into homes to gather food and supplies is often the only way to survive. Attracting too much attention while still in the city will have dire consequences. Apparently, Joy makes the act of murder something to smile about.

We Happy Few will be coming our way June of this year, and it will be available for PC and Xbox One.

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