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It’s all about surviving with your sanity intact.

10. Tangiers 

Concrete purgatory becomes hell.

Miss the nightmare inducing half-human monsters of the early Silent Hill games? The teaser trailer for Tangiers will have you both excited and terrified! Tangiers has been described by its creators as a stealth game surreal horror elements. There is an enemy with a cassette tape for a head. I am not even kidding.

You as the player are dropped into a world built around 20th century experimental art. Everyone decided they liked it so much they decided to become the art. You must try to move around in the shadows completely unseen by a multitude of twisted human-like creatures. Listen in on conversations and then slip in to collect the discarded words to later be used as weapons and distractions.

Be wary, the more confrontational your play style, the more the world will begin to fracture. This game is clearly made for gamers who enjoy something a little “experimental”. Perhaps this is a game you must play to truly understand. 

Tangiers beta will be released on September 3rd, with the full release following later in November. 

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