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10 Best Zombie Games to Play in 2015
Not all zombies are the same! #Zombieequalrights

8. Dead Rising 3

Dress up like a fireman, giant game mascot, or thong wearing poser. You can do it all!

Nick Ramos was living peacefully in the California city of Los Perdidos before the zombies came. Now he is fighting to survive together with a small group of humans. They are all trying to find their way out of the city and away from the nasty virus.

Dead Rising 3 takes the horror out of zombie and replaces it with complete comedy. The number one thing to remember in any Dead Rising game is that anything and everything is a weapon. If you want to attach kitchen knives to boxing gloves and kill zombies while wearing a speedo thong, then you can do that. This game definitely gets props for creativity.

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