10 Best Zombie Games to Play in 2015: Page 7 of 10

10 Best Zombie Games to Play in 2015
Not all zombies are the same! #Zombieequalrights

4.  H1Z1

Do you think Romero survived?

Number 4 on our top 10 zombie game list is H1Z1, which supposedly stands for the zombie virus. This game is an open world MMO zombie survival game in which everything that moves wants you dead. No joke. If you see something move, even if it’s just an animal, you better run.

This game has included a very immersive crafting system that allows you to create anything from shelters to weapons. Also, since the game is an mmo you’ll constantly be encountering other players. You can choose whether you want to be hostile or friendly with them. Keep in mind that you’re more likely to survive in a group though.

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