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10 Best Zombie Games to Play in 2015
Not all zombies are the same! #Zombieequalrights

3. Bloodborne

Prepare to die, again

This game is created by the same people who made Dark Souls, so naturally the story is difficult to pull out and understand. You show up in the famous gothic city of Yharnam looking for pale blood. Of course we don’t know why, but there is a big problem. Most of the city’s population has turned into massive ravenous monsters.

This game is hard, like really hard! Although not as hard as Dark Souls but that doesn’t really mean anything. However, the game is highly addictive for some reason. Maybe it has something to do with our mysterious obsession with killing the undead.

You get to customize your character completely from the start which is awesome. Then you can level your character as you wish and use whatever weapons you want. Remember, in this game all weapons are viable, as long as you’re good and patient enough to use them.

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