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10 Best Zombie Games to Play in 2015
Not all zombies are the same! #Zombieequalrights

2. Dying Light


Parkour and zombies, what's not to love? The Global Relief Effort has sent you in as an undercover agent into the zombie infested city of Harran. You need to procure some top secret documents stolen by an insane looney that rules over many of the survivors. You quickly become wrapped up in saving the people that are left, and you realize that the GRE’s motives might not be as pure as you first thought.

The absolute best feature about this game is the awesome parkour mechanics of the game. You have to travel over the house tops since the streets are littered with the infested. The smooth parkour allows you to feel incredibly free as you explore the massive city in all three dimensions. This game is unlike any other.

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