Top 10 Most Played Zombie Killing Games

Top 10 Most Played Zombie Killing Games
Sledgehammers, power tools, shotguns, you name it!

Killing Zombies: How Creative Can You Get?

Sometimes you just need to fulfill that urge to beat a zombie with a pipe, that is when these games come in to play. This list is going to look at the most popular zombie games that allow you to go on murderous rampages without really feeling all too bad about it. Here we go! The top 10 most popular zombie killing games:

10. Plants vs Zombies

I'd be worried if my plants looked that happy

Starting out we’ve got the popular tower defense game from 2009. Plants vs Zombies puts you as a distraught homeowner that is being assaulted by the undead horde. Lucky for you, you have an array of plants at your disposal that will do just the trick in repelling the zombies from your yard.

The game is oddly addicting as you strategically pick plants and place them on the map. The zombies keep coming and the game gets more and more difficult, but you also unlock cool new plants that can dispose off the zombies in more efficient ways.

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