LOTRO Best Class [Strongest and Weakest Classes Revealed]

LOTRO Best Class, lotro tier list
The Champion class, dual-wield extraordinaire

Only the strongest classes will survive.

When it comes to dealing out damage, each class in LOTRO has its place. For solo questing, every class can reasonably get you through to the end, killing enemies quickly or slowly. When it comes to instances with a fellowship, some classes will be pushed to supporting roles. If you want to be on the front lines and deal out the most damage, choose one of the strongest classes in LOTRO.

S Tier: Dish out damage and take hits without problems. Very little will be able to stop them in their quest to destroy the enemy. 

  • Warden: 95/100
  • Beorning: 94/100
  • Guardian: 93/100

A Tier: Known to inflict some powerful single attacks, but are more known for their DPS and AoE skills. 

  • Champion: 88/100
  • Hunter: 87/100
  • Rune-Keeper: 85/100

B Tier: Buffing/debuffing and healing are the main tactics used by these classes, but they can deal damage if needed. 

  • Captain: 79/100
  • Lore-Master: 75/100

C Tier: Supporting roles in instances, usually healing and buffs. 

  • Minstrel: 69/100

D Tier: Great for stealth and Fellowship Maneuvers, not great for heavy damage in Fellowships. 

  • Burglar: 59/100

Warden (S Tier)

The fearsome Warden preparing for battle

Using the power of Gambits, Wardens can build up to strong abilities to blast their enemies away, generating more power with each increasing Builder. Using the red line, masters of this class can deal out immense damage using single-target bleeds and light DoT’s, which are the Warden’s specialty. When their Fellowship is busy, Wardens have self-healing skills to keep them in the fight even longer.

  • Powerful Gambit sequences can decimate enemies
  • Single-target bleeds drain the enemy’s health slowly
  • High morale gives strong resistance to enemy damage
  • Strong AoE skills deliver damage to all the orcs around you
  • Heal yourself when things get tough

Beorning (S Tier)

The Beorning, known as a Skin-Changer

Mauling an Orc to death as a bear is extra fun with the Beorning class. Wrath, which replaces power, is built up with every blow to the enemy. This gives you access to some of the higher-powered abilities like Execute, which consumes all your wrath to kill an enemy below 30% health. There are also tons of buff skills to make your melee damage higher and bring your morale up.

  • The Claw red trait line gives you higher damage mauling skills
  • Execute an enemy using your Wrath power build-up
  • Buff yourself for higher melee damage and boosted morale
  • Switch between Man and Bear at will for different skills

Guardian (S Tier)

Guardians are inspired by Samwise Gamgee

Take on a swarm of enemies and lose little health playing as a Guardian. Using the DPS melee abilities in the red line, this class can push through swarms of enemies with little to no damage. A skill like Hammer Down can deal a critical hit on an opponent while a skill like Brutal Assault can cause a bleeding effect for increased damage. 

  • Tons of DPS skills to weaken an enemy
  • Red-line skills provide extra offensive skills, useful for high-level enemies
  • Melee your way through a horde of undead
  • The best tank in the game 

Champion (A Tier)

Champion gazing over Minas Tirith

Though enemies are surrounding you, it doesn’t mean it’s the end. Your Champion will be able to deal out immense AoE damage, causing the surrounding enemies to fall. The Fervour built up through your skills delivers the power to complete higher-level attacks. With their exceptional melee skills and ranged bow skills, they can tactically take down a group of wargs and their orc counterparts. 

  • Perform heavy AoE damage on any surrounding foes
  • Proficient in both melee and ranged attacks, giving extra versatility when fighting
  • Uses built-up Fervour for more ferocious attack skills

Hunter (A Tier)

Hunters are masters at using bows

Any solo enemies are easily destroyed using your Hunter’s incredible bow skills, though melee is ready when needed. The strongest and most sought after trait line is the Bowmaster red line. This is a stationary, ranged skill line using high DPS to down enemies in a shower of arrows. Focus is used in edition to power for higher damaging skills, like Upshot, which uses all remaining focus to deal additional damage. 

  • Ultra-strong bow DPS skills to slaughter your enemies
  • Can melee attack in close combat 
  • Lay entrapments to subdue the enemy forces
  • Building focus allows for more powerful attacks like Upshot

Rune-Keeper (A Tier)

Powering up for a deadly attack

True magic can be a force of power and promote healing which is exactly what the Rune-Keeper class does. DPS is strong and includes stackable damage to inflict deadly power on enemies. A skill like Combustion will annihilate your enemies using firepower. Be aware, using this class can sometimes be “squishy” and has lower morale, so it’s better to stick with ranged attacks.

  • High DPS stacking power drains your foes of morale
  • Strong ranged magic skills to both attack your enemies and heal allies
  • Lightning and fire skills execute impressive damage upon the enemies

Captain (B Tier)

A Captain and their Fellowship taking on the Turtle

As a well-rounded class, the Captain with its summoned NPC Herald can push you to victory. In instances, the captain can take on the role of pretty much anyone in the group: Tank, DPS, Crowd-Control, and Debuff. High-level Captains can even summon an archer for ranged combat. A skill like Standard of War will deal heavy damage to the enemy and heighten the damage your allies can inflict. 

  • Well-rounded for tanking, healing, attacking and debuffing to obliterate your opponents
  • Great at buffing allies for higher damage output
  • Can fill nearly any role in a Fellowship

Lore-Master (B Tier)

Never go anywhere without your trusted pet

Bring your favorite pet along to have them distract and demolish your enemies with the Lore-Master class. You will excel in fights by having a strong tanking pet, who will take the damage for you as you debuff the enemy. In instances, the Lore-Master is more known for crowd-control, which limits the enemy's abilities by debuffing them. This is also a “squishy” class, so try to keep out of range of your enemies. 

  • Your pet can distract the enemy and deal immense damage while you attack from afar
  • Debuff enemies to make them weaker and at your mercy
  • Exceptional crowd-control powers break up enemy groups and deplete their ability to fight

Minstrel (C Tier)

Healing your Fellowship is key to being a Minstrel

Wield your lute or drum and use the power of song to break down your enemies and heal your allies. While this class has some great damage skills solo, healing would be your main skill in instances. When using the red line skills, you can deal out strong light damage using Songs of Power through your instrument. Stances are the main source of healing and damage abilities, which will make your skills stronger. 

  • Play your enemy a song and watch them go down in agony
  • Red-line skills provide the highest damage skills for solo play
  • Known for their healing abilities above their attacks

Burglar (D Tier)

Hobbits make the best Burglars

Sneak into a camp of Orcs, find the lost treasure by the camp leader, and sneak out without ever being heard or seen. When a single enemy needs to be killed, sneak behind them and kill them silently. The main purpose of a Burglar in an instance is creating Fellowship Maneuvers, which are great for creating group attacks against enemies. By themselves, Burglars are not the most efficient damage dealers in Fellowships. 

  • Powerful enemy stealth kills from behind
  • Sneak into enemy camps to complete quests without being seen
  • Best known for Fellowship Maneuvers to guide your Fellowship to victory

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