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Games Better Than South Park
Randy, Eric, Kyle, and Stan (Top to bottom left to right) come upon a tied up Mr. Slave.

3) Kelvin and the Infamous Machine

Kelvin and the Infamous Machine gameplay

You are Kelvin a bumbling assistant to soon to be the mad scientist, Dr. Lupin. When Lupin’s life work is ridiculed he decides to go back in time to take credit for mankind's greatest works so he’ll be the only genius in history.

Another time travel game where you go to different points in history in a machine that looks suspiciously like a shower to prevent Dr. Lupin from changing history.

You meet the greats and help them complete their works while making sure Lupin doesn't interfere.

Lisa, Dr. Lupin, and Kelvin celebrating the success of the time machine.

Kelvin walking in to discover why Da Vinci painted Mona Lisa with her mouth closed.

How do you get a new and better perspective on life? Shannon had to have a pickle Rick sized chunk of her brain taken out. She doesn’t recommend it.
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