Destiny 2: How To Access War Table

The location of the Destiny 2 War Table To Show How To Access It
I didn't find the War Table until like 80+ hours in the game...

H.E.L.M. Location Destiny 2 - War Table (by Sofa Supastar Gaming)

Has the War Table been a difficult place to reach? 

The War Table is an important location in Destiny 2. It is a seasonal vendor that provides special Quests and Bounties you can do to increase your War Table Ranking, which will then net you exclusive rewards like powerful weapon and armor Engrams, as well as upgrades that can help you further make progress in the Season Pass. 

Some starting players may not know where the War Table is, so here’s a quick guide to help you access it: 

How to Access the War Table in Destiny 2: 

  • Open the Director. 
  • Select “Destinations”. You should see a planetary map. 
  • Move your cursor to the center, just above the selection that will lead you to the Tower. 
  • Above that should be an icon named “H.E.L.M”. Select it then press “Launch.” 
  • You’ll find yourself in a long corridor. Look to the other end, where you’ll see a large curved console. Run up to it. 
  • At the end of the corridor, next to the console, a pop-up should appear called “War Table”. 
  • Press Enter/X/A to access it. 

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