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best mass effect cosplays
The 50 hottest Mass Effect cosplays which will leave you in awe!

4. Miranda Lawson by Danica-Rockwood

Cosplay by Danica Rockwood

It is impressive the number of curves this girl has. Danica Rockwood as Miranda Lawson screams temptation.

Let's face it! You want her to keep walking towards you

The big ball of fire is not even a comparison with the hotness of Danica. She is a star.

Danica Rockwood knows people love Miranda’s custom after winning her loyalty, and she knows how to look like a sexy girl and a determined soldier. Her amazing body leaves in awe everyone who stares at her.

3. Jack by Anna Ormeli

Cosplay by Anna Orneli

Anna Orneli is made for being Jack.

She needs recognition for painting Subject Zero's tattoos all over her stunning slim body

Orneli owns this photoshoot flawlessly, making this cosplay a delight.

Even though Jack made some players angry because of her rudeness, a lot of players fell in love with her because of her sad background and her beautiful body. Anna Orneli is the best and hottest girl who can personify Jack. Anna wearing this perfect cosplay will be the reason for you to start loving Jack or to fall in love once again.

2.  Liara T’Soni by Ekaterina

Cosplay by Ekaterina

We do not know for sure if Ekaterina's cosplay of Liara T'soni is a photography taken in Mass Effect's universe

There is not much things to say about this sight. There is certainly a lot to watch.

This is perfection made an Asari.

Liara has made every Mass Effect player fall in love with her not just because of her intelligence or her biotic powers, but also because of her sexiness. A lot of players wanted to complete the story line between Shepard and Liara just to see her love Sheppard at the highest expression of love. Ekaterina shows us a beautiful and sexy body not just in the usual Liara cosplay, but also in her underwear, ready to love Sheppard.

1. Miranda Lawson by Hannuki

Cosplay by Hannuki

Hannuki is undoubtedly the goal to achieve for every Miranda Lawson cosplay

This woman will make every Mass Effect player to make their Shepards to fall into her love trap

Having her waiting for your orders is the dream of many.

Miranda’s outfit after her loyalty mission is incredible, and Hannuki is the best girl who can wear it. This suit shows Hannuki’s beautiful curves, and her aesthetic face filled with resolution and sexiness are an explosive combo for the entire galaxy. Hannuki fulfill each and every characteristic Miranda has, from her intelligence to her attractive body.

These are the 50 best and hottest cosplays you will ever find on the internet. This attractive beautiful women will make you fall in love with Mass Effect story and with them every time you will look at them, and they deserve a lot of love and respect for the amazing job they have done creating and wearing these cosplays.

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