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best mass effect cosplays
The 50 hottest Mass Effect cosplays which will leave you in awe!

19. Commander Shepard by Crystal Graziano

Cosplay by Crystal Graziano

Intelligent and beautiful, Crystal Graziano personifies amazingly Commander Sheppard.

Editing is a great key for Cosplayers. Graziano knew how to use it at its best.

Not only Graziano handles greatly an Omnitool, she is also a powerful enemy while being armed.

Commander Shepard is a respectful soldier, but also a feared biotic. Crystal Graziano made an awesome cosplay of Commander Shepard, which includes an Omnitool and a gun. All these give her the look of dangerous-beautiful girl you do not want to mess with.

18. Miranda Lawson by Asariangel1

Cosplay by asariangel1

Asariangel1 fulfills the dream of cosplaying a hot character during a photo shoot.

Just as Miranda, Asariangel1 is a perfect shooter.

She will not hesitate to hit you if you get in her way.

Everyone agrees Miranda has a very confident personality. In fact, one of the most characteristic factor is her sexiness. This suit is incredibly detailed, and the weapon used by Asariangel1 makes her look like a very bad girl.

17. Commander Shepard by CynShenzi

Cosplay by CynShenzi

A great cosplay is nothing if the cosplayer cannot evocate the look the character has. CynShenzi made sure to have the bad-girl look female Sheppard has.

This pose makes every knee tremble.

CynShenzi is making sure not to run out of Medigel.

CynShenzi undoubtedly leaves us mouth-opened with this cosplay. Her pose, her look, her body. All of her cosplay is great, and she certainly gives us that sexy-mad look where you do not know if she is trying to talk to you, or to shoot you with her gun.

16. Samara the Justicar by Evil-Siren

Cosplay by Evil-Siren

Serious and attractive, Evil-Siren makes a great Samara.

Do not let her smile deceives you, she is ready to catch the bad guys.

She will not let you break the law.

Justicars are the voice and sense of justice among the Asari people. Evil-Siren cosplayed Samara, an important member of Shepard’s team in ME2. Evil-Siren is back, but this time with this amazing hand-made cosplay. Every detail of the outfit of this character in ME was added to the cosplay, and Evil-Siren’s sexy body is the ideal one to wear it.

15. Asari Commando by Rini Kurobara

Cosplay by Rini Kurobara

Like any Asari Commando, Kurobara shows a powerful and serious attitude.

This Asari Commando chose to handle a common Geth rifle.

She is on her way to defeat any enemy who dares to face her.

Rini cannot just only surprise us by cosplaying the powerful Jack, or the valiant Sheppard, but can also astonish us by cosplaying an Asari commando. Sexiness and resolution are some of the things Kurobara has and proves in each one of her cosplays. Her look and her curves are more than tempting for every race in this galaxy.

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