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Round 1! Fight!
Round 1! Fight!

6. Street Fighter X Tekken

Street Fighter X Tekken 01

When giants collide

What happens when the biggest names in fighting games collide? Why, you get Street Fighter X Tekken, of course!

Everybody wondered if it could be pulled off. After all, Street Fighter is a vastly different fighter from Tekken. But Capcom proved it could transpose the Tekken stars into the 2D fighter mold, resulting in characters who play as if they’d always belonged in the Street Fighter universe. In fact, Tekken characters like Kazuya and Hwoarang make exceptional Street Fighter characters, to the point that they outshine personalities like Ryu and Guile, who seem positively mundane by comparison.

Insert a tag team feature a la Tekken Tag Tournament, and you’ve got one of the most explosive fighting games in the industry.

Our rating - 4/5

Street Fighter X Tekken 02

Street Fighter X Tekken 03

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