[Top 10] Tekken 8 Best Looking Characters

Tekken 8 Best Looking Characters
Jin Kazama having a staring contest with someone in the distance!

From pandas and robots, to ninjas and grizzly bears; Tekken 8 has no shortage of creative character designs. With the release date of the latest installment quickly approaching, here are our Top 10 best looking Tekken 8 characters!

10. Kuma

Official character render of Kuma

See Kuma In Action:

Kuma first appears at 0:34

The beloved grizzly bear is back! Sporting the uniform of his deceased owner, Heihachi Mishima, it’s certain Tekken fans didn’t expect Kuma to return looking like this. Even if you don’t play the Master Of Salmon, you must appreciate his heartfelt and creative new look!


9. Jack-8

Official character render of Jack-8

See Jack-8 In Action:

It is safe to say Jack’s look is one that has changed the most from Tekken 7. With new additions to his arsenal such as a laser cannon attached to his arm, Tekken’s favorite robot has clearly gotten a few upgrades. Both his new looks and gameplay changes are definitely something to be excited for in the release of Tekken 8!


8. Claudio Serafino

Official character render of Claudio

See Claudio In Action:

Despite being a newer addition to the Tekken roster, Claudio is back with a clean new look! With gold highlighting his classic white appearance and his iconic starburst effect looking even more magical, it’s clear that Claudio is looking as magnificent as ever. And who says Italian Exorcists can’t have style?!


7. Victor Chevalier

Official character render of Victor

See Victor in action:

Although Victor is one of three new additions to the Tekken 8 roster, he fits right in with his energy katana and three piece suit. Victor is easily the smartest looking ninja in Tekken history. Fighting with both elegance and a pistol, Victor is definitely a worthy fighter and a character to be excited to try when the game releases.


6. Jun Kazama

Official character render of Jun

See Jun in action:

After being absent from several Tekken games, the legendary Jun Kazama is back as a playable character in Tekken 8! Jun and her iconic white headband have returned with a more complex moveset than ever before. From the intricate details on her dress to her breathtaking rage art, Jun is back in full force.


5. King

Official character render of King

See King in action:

Coming in at number 5 is King with his energetic new wrestling costume! King’s back and ready to make some noise, with his exciting yellow and purple based attire it’s hard not to be excited for the Mexican wrestler's return. A bright new costume like this means all eyes will be on King in the arena.


4. Lars Alexandersson

Official character render of Lars

See Lars in action:

Taking spot number 4 is Lars and his new white and gold layered ensemble. Looking as impressive as ever before, this might be Lars’ best design yet. His impeccable outfit can’t be described as anything other than awesome and will surely attract new players to the character!


3. Jin Kazama

Official character render of Jin

See Jin in action:

After a serious design change from Tekken 7, Jin’s new outfit sets an impressive new standard for the character. Still representing his classic flame symbol, on his jacket as opposed to his typical trousers, the protagonist’s latest design is nothing but polished  and looks even more impressive in game!


2. Leroy Smith

Official character render of Leroy

See Leroy in action:

Despite Tekken 8 referencing him as the “Grandmaster of drip”, that still feels like an understatement to Leroy’s flawless new design. Radiating with gold from head to toe, it’s impossible to not be impressed by the excellence of his outfit. It was hard to imagine how they could make Leroy look even better from his Tekken 7 design but they clearly found a way to do it!


1. Kazuya Mishima

Official character render of Kazuya

See Kazuya in action:

Kazuya’s new design is nothing short of cut-throat, the black and navy leather trench coat is brutal and makes the antagonist look as deadly as ever. Unlike previous designs, Kazuya is wearing both his signature red gloves and menacing dark suit. This design perfectly emits the sheer power Kazuya holds better than any game prior.

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