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The Secret World: Review and Gameplay
The MMO World's Best-Kept Secret

Player Community

Ready for the dungeon

There are some challenges that you will not be able to face alone.

The player base for The Secret World is small, so small that you will often find yourself the only living soul among scores of restless undead. But in all my years of playing different MMOs I have never come across a more passionate, helpful, and close-knit player base than the one for the The Secret World. Of course, you will still encounter the occasional immature troll in the game's various chat channels, but they are a lot thinner on the ground than you would expect, especially when you reach the later parts of the game.


The whispering tide waits for no man.

There are all sorts of possible explanations for the The Secret World's community being as awesome as it is: the buy-to-play, rather than free-to-play, model, or the intellectually-demanding nature of the game's storyline and puzzles. But whatever the explanation, you will definitely appreciate the difference if other MMMO communities have turned you off playing certain MMOs in the past. I know for my part that I was floored when I cluelessly joined in on the New York raid, not realizing that I was underpowered to the point of being useless against the final boss, and instead of admonishing me the members of my raid party gave me tips on how to improve my character and encouraged me to join them again! Things like that rarely, if ever, happen in other MMOs.

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