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The Secret World: Review and Gameplay
The MMO World's Best-Kept Secret

Server Stability

Illuminati vs spectres

Banish restless spirits.

Other than the server being brought down for routine maintenance or patches, I have never experienced any unexpected outages or funky lag problems in The Secret World. As is to be expected, latency for me is a lot higher for me as an Australian player than it would be for players connecting from the United States, but the fact that the combat is only partially real-time means that I'm not at too much of a disadvantage—even in PVP. Unfortunately, the The Secret World does not have a trial version, so you cannot test whether the latency is going to be too much for you until you front the cash for a copy of your own. For that reason, I would advise that anyone thinking about buying the game should closely inspect the system requirements, and perhaps ping Funcom's servers as well.

Super soldier vs magic

Some things are better left buried…

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