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The Secret World: Review and Gameplay
The MMO World's Best-Kept Secret

Endgame Content

The New York raid

Dare you face the beast that brought New York to its knees?

As previously mentioned, The Secret World's endgame content consists primarily of Nightmare Dungeons (outrageously difficult versions of the existing dungeons) and PVP. Players looking for a bevy of raid content won't find it in The Secret World, as there is only one raid, and it's a lot smaller in scale than what World of Warcraft or Star Wars the Old Republic players are accustomed to.

Make no mistake, though, endgame has plenty for you to do. In addition to the above content types, there are also scenarios—think "horde mode" with diverse objectives and random variables thrown in—and the newly-added Orochi Tower challenges to contend. The latter is a particular treat for veteran players, as there are no less than nineteen different paths, all with their own challenges and rewards, the player can take to the top.

Their true nature revealed

Endgame is a place where angels fear to tread…

Having reached the endgame some time ago myself, I can attest to all of the above activities being a lot of fun. I even have friends in the game who only play for the dungeons and/or PVP content. The majority of players, though, play The Secret World for its fascinating story. Fortunately, Funcom understand this, and players who have reached the endgame are frequently treated to DLC expansions packed with new story content. These "Issues", as they're referred to, do a wonderful job of advancing the story, and of giving those of us who are so passionate about the game because of the story plenty to do. The focus on story content does leave a lot of dungeon crawlers and PVP-ers feeling neglected, but the development team had to prioritize after they were downsized in the months and years following release.

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