Borderlands 3: 10 Crazy Predictions That May Just Come True: Page 10 of 10

Looking forward to a crazy and violent Borderlands future
Haven't been this Giddy since I shot off a Psycho Midget's arms with a shotgun.

10. We Could See a Change in the Age Department

I'm not talking about Borderlands players, but the Vault Hunters themselves.

Something that I believe would make my Borderlands 3 experience better would be controlling a teenage character. Filled with angst and wanting to just get this hard work over with, I don’t think I’d ever get tired of hearing my character talking. As for high school archetypes, we could have the Goth who is dreary about the whole experience, the Jock who gets super pumped at driving fast and firing guns, the sassy post-apocalyptic enthusiast who wants to cut down her foes so long as none of the dismembered body parts get on her clothes, and that quiet kid who, when he speaks, makes you wonder if he’s sane enough to be trusted with saving the world.

Give me the witty humor that only a teenager can come up with and I will state that the game has gotten that more amazingly absurd.

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