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Vault Hunters Ready For Action

Out of a billion guns, which ones wreck the hardest?

With over a billion guns to choose from, it's easy to find your backpack full of weapons. With insane weapons that shoot explosives (Torgue, of course), are equipped with alien heads, or fly away when reloaded; it's hard to know what to hang onto and what to sell. In your quest to become the ultimate vault hunter, here is a list of the best weapons in the game that will help you along the way.

5. Rowan’s Call

An alien-looking gun

Rowan’s Call is a monstrous looking Legendary Assault Rifle manufactured by Jakobs. Dedicated to our favorite fallen Crimson Raider, Rowan’s Call is as formidable as the man himself was.

Weapon Stats:

  • Item Score-526
  • Damage- 577
  • Accuracy- 56%
  • Handling- 57%
  • Reload Time- 3.1 sec
  • Fire Rate- 8 per sec
  • Magazine Size- 20

What makes Rowan’s Call Awesome?    

  • +27% Weapon Damage
  • +15% Reload Speed
  • 5.5 Weapon Zoom
  • This gun is especially deadly in the hands of a sharpshooter as it returns two bullets to the magazine with every critical hit, producing a potentially infinite shooting gun.
  • Two bullets ricochet towards the nearest enemy with every critical hit, making it ideal for crowd control.

How to get Rowan’s Call

Rowan’s Call is a random world drop which, unfortunately, means there is no specific way to find this must-have tribute to Rowan. Below is a guide to successful loot farming to increase your odds of finding the behemoth weapon.

4. DP Laser-Sploder

Exploding laser-gun

The full name of this AR manufactured by Torgue is the Double-Penetrating Shredded Laser-Sploder, and while that may be a mouth-full, this gun is capable of delivering utter mayhem.

Weapon Stats:

  • Item Score-556
  • Damage- 544
  • Accuracy- 73%
  • Handling- 55%
  • Reload Time- 2.8 sec
  • Fire Rate- 2.69 per sec
  • Magazine Size- 22

What makes the DP Laser-Sploder awesome?

  • +3.3x Weapon Zoom
  • It wouldn’t be a Torgue weapon without an explosion. Not only does this gun unleash an impressive laser stream, but it also shoots bullets that explode on impact.
  • This weapon packs elemental damage, explosions, plus the high capacity damage Torgue is known for.

How to get the DP Laser-Sploder:

This gun is another random world drop, so again, this weapon can only be found with loot farming and a little bit of luck. The video below discusses places and battles where the DP Laser-Sploder is likely to spawn.

3. One Pump Chump

One shot kills

The One Pump Chump is a shoutout to the Japanese comic book hero, The One Punch Man. In a fitting remembrance to the comic series, this shotgun, manufactured by Jakobs, can only be obtained by defeating The One Punch Psycho.

Weapon Stats:

  • Item Score- 183
  • Damage- 192
  • Accuracy- 89%
  • Handling- 61%
  • Reload Time- 1.1 sec
  • Fire Rate- 1.61 per sec
  • Magazine Size- 1

What makes the One Pump Chump awesome?

  • +24% Reload Speed
  • 3.5x Weapon Zoom
  • 50% chance not to consume ammo when fired
  • +1,425% Weapon Damage
  • Read the last line again if you’re still wondering why this is one of the best guns in the game. The increased percentage to weapon damage makes this an INSANE gun that can take out your most formidable opponents.

How to get the One Pump Chump

If you’re just starting BDL3, the good news is that this gun can be found early in the game in the winding alleys of Lectra City. Below is a step by step video guide on how to get your hands on the One Pump Chump.

2. Bangarang XL

Is it a boomerang or is it a gun?

This pistol, manufactured by Tediore, pays homage to the 1991 movie Hook. Even if you are unfamiliar with the movie, this pistol deserves your attention as it’s capable of annihilating waves of enemies.

Weapon Stats:

  • Item Score- 516
  • Damage- 610
  • Accuracy- 49%
  • Handling- 57%
  • Reload Time- 1 sec
  • Fire Rate- 5.4 per sec

Magazine Size- 30

  • What makes Bangarang XL awesome?
  • +15% Weapon Fire Rate
  • 18% Reload speed
  • 7.2x Weapon Zoom
  • Unlike most Tediore guns, this weapon doesn’t just explode when reloaded. This gun flies in a boomerang pattern while spewing a hailstorm of bullets in all directions.
  • When thrown, this guns flies and shoots for a solid six seconds, making it a perfect weapon when mobbed by enemies.

Where to find Bangarang XL:

Bangarang is a world drop so keep killing bad guys and hopefully you’ll find this trusty weapon amongst the loot. If you’re feeling impatient, this video discusses where Bangarang has been found before.

1. Flakker

The Ultimate Weapon

Out of the billion-plus guns BDL3 has to offer, the Flakker reigns supreme amongst them. Another shotgun by Tediore, this weapon shoots a fireworks display of explosions to bombard enemies.

Weapon Stats:

  • Item Score- 541
  • Damage- 1502x3
  • Accuracy- 55%
  • Handling- 58%
  • Reload Time- 2.1 sec
  • Fire Rate- 9.5 per sec
  • Magazine Size- 16

What makes Flakker awesome?

  • +210 Splash Damage
  • 2.1x Weapon Zoom
  • With each shot, three unseen bullets travel from the barrel for about a second before erupting into a series of devastating explosions.
  • This gun is perfect for mid-range attacks and dealing impressive damage on large groups of enemies.

Where to find Flakker:

The best gun in the game doesn’t come from a boss or badass. It’s simply another random world drop. To get this destructive item, check out the video below for more loot farming techniques.

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