Top 10 Borderlands 3 Best Anointments

Borderlands 3 Best Anointments
Can you tell the difference between theses items? They're both the front loader shield, but one is anointed. You can tell the difference in the extra particles added to the legendary color that is usually present.

Anointments are a part of the endgame content available after finishing the story and entering true vault hunter mode. Anointments come in a variety of different forms, some better than most. But they only apply to certain equipment, unlike prefixes or random bonuses. Anointments can only be found on certain weapons, shields, and grenade mods. Other than that you will not find class mods or artifacts with anointments. However, some anointments only affect certain vault hunters, so the first 4 will be about those anointments respectively. 

10. Amara Phaseslam Anointment

This phaseslam anointment is found on any weapon that says Anointed Siren at the bottom of the item card. This anointment is good for any Amara build that uses the phaseslam skill. It will not work for any build that uses any of the other two skills or their variants. It gives a flat damage increase, not just an elemental damage boost, which is why it is so high. 

Why the Amara Phaseslam Anointment is Great

  • Buffs any build regardless of element.
  • Can apply to any weapon as long as it can be anointed
  • Gives a very large damage increase at the sacrifice of only applying for a short duration

Amara Phaseslam Anointment Details

  • After using Phaseslam, Weapon damage is increased by 300% for 12 seconds.

9. Moze Splash Damage Anointment


The splash damage anointment is good for Moze’s unique build using the demolition woman skill tree. It gives a fairly high boost to damage output and when combined with the capstone of the bottomless mags skill tree, it helps to spam as much splash damage as possible, which is what the build is all about.

Why the Moze Splash Damage Anointment is Great

  • Gives a significant boost to any build using the demolition woman skill tree.
  • Applies to splash weapons that Moze is good with.
  • Gives a decent boost to splash damage but does it for longer than Amara

Moze Splash Damage Anointment Details

  • After exiting Iron Bear, gain 160% increased Splash Damage for 18 seconds.

8. Zane Cryo Damage SNTNL


Most Zane builds rely on using a mixture of his different skills to have different outputs. The two most used builds both rely on using his drone along with either the barrier or the Digi-clone. So I’ve chosen the anointment that gives the best boost to Zane’s damage output and happens to be on his most popular skill. This is extremely helpful for Zane because most of his damage output is best done through cryo.

Why the Zane Cryo Anointment is Great

  • Changes the elemental damage of the gun to be 100% cryo while using SNTNL
  • Applies to the weapon Zane is using only
  • Will be in effect as long as SNTNL is up, which is often for a very long time as long as you have the seein’ dead class mod and at least one point in the penultimate skill in the blue tree.

Zane Cryo Anointment Details

  • While SNTNL is active, Gain 100% of damage as bonus Cryo damage.

7. FL4K Gamma Burst Anointment


FL4k doesn’t have the best anointments in my opinion. However, if at gunpoint I had to choose an anointment, I would have to choose the gamma burst anointment because it gives the most consistent and most significant boost to FL4K’s damage. While initially, I would have scoffed at this and never even considered using the skill, gamma burst, as well as FL4k’s pets, have had massive buffs when it comes to mayhem 10 scaling. So if it’s been a while since you’ve played FL4k and you haven’t even given the Master skill tree a try, now’s the time.

Why the FL4k Gamma Burst Anointment is Great

  • Gives a significant buff towards FL4k’s overall damage
  • Applies to any radiation damage he does, and it’s not too hard to find a star helix or any other radiation elemental gun, slap on a red suit and kick ass
  • Is in effect as long as Gamma Burst is in effect, which is entirely up to you, so use it strategically

FL4K Gamma Burst Anointment Details

  • While Gamma Burst is active, gain 115% bonus radiation damage.

6. ASE Bonus Elemental Damage


This anointment is not as amazing as it used to be, it’s often skipped over in favor of other anointments. That’s not to say that if you’re using a build that compliments this kind of boost to elemental damage, then go for it. If however, you have to choose between this anointment and any of the other anointments on this list, maybe don’t choose this anointment. However, this anointment is also unlike the other anointments on this list so far in that it only applies to shields or grenades and not to guns. Meaning you can have any of the previously listed anointments as well as this anointment in effect. Making it quite useful.

Why the ASE Bonus Elemental Damage Anointment is Great

  • Gives an alright boost to elemental damage output
  • Applies to shields and grenades, allowing the player to use them alongside any other anointments applied to the guns
  • This bonus only applies for a small amount of time and only a small amount comparatively

ASE Bonus Elemental Damage Anointment Details

  • On Action Skill End, gain a 50% bonus (cryo, corrosion, radiation, fire, or shock)  Damage with Weapons for 10 seconds.

5. Action Skill End Cooldown Rate


This anointment is not as amazing, but it’s an anointment that is nonetheless important. It’s also another anointment that applies to the shield and not to the guns or even grenades in this case. Also, a lot of builds rely on or make good use of action skills. And having an anointment that gives a noticeable boost to get that skill back is important. So don’t just get rid of this anointment if you do have it. 

Why the Action Skill End Cooldown Rate Anointment is Great

  • Helps a great deal with reducing action skill cooldown
  • Applies to shields and allows other equipment anoints to be used in tandem
  • Gives a boost for a short time, but not as short as the elemental boost

Action Skill End Cooldown Rate Anointment Details

  • On Action Skill End, Action skill cooldown rate is increased by 20% for 15 seconds.

4. On Grenade Thrown


This is the only anointment that activates whenever a grenade is thrown, and frankly, it’s a very good anointment for grenades. It activates whenever you throw a grenade, so theoretically as long as you throw them before the effect ends, you could continually chain this effect, and as long as you’re killing enemies, they will most likely drop grenades. If you’re starved for grenades or have no skill to gain any, just open some ammo chests.

Why the On Grenade Thrown Anointment is Great

  • Gives a noticeable boost to damage output
  • Applies to grenades and doesn’t rely on action skill end or start
  • Gives a boost for a short amount of time, but can be maintained as long as you have grenades to spare.

On Grenade Thrown Anointment Details

  • On Grenade Thrown, Weapon, Grenade, and Action Skill Damage are increased by 25% for 6 seconds.

3. ASE Status Effect and Chance


This action skill end anoint is a bit more effective in terms of elemental damage output than the previously mentioned anointment, and it also gives a decent boost to elemental effect chance as well. This boost applies to the weapon instead of the shield or grenade. So realistically if you were planning on only boosting your elemental damage output you could use these two anointments in tandem.

Why the ASE Status Effect and Chance Anointment is Great

  • Gives a significant boost to elemental status effect and chance
  • Applies to weapons
  • Gives the boost for a short amount of time, but longer than the other elemental boost on this list

ASE Status Effect and Chance Anointment Details

  • On Action Skill End, Weapon Status Effect Damage is increased by 75% and Chance is increased by 40% for 12 seconds.

2. ASE Damage Boost to Boss, Named, and Badass enemies


This anointment is yet another action skill end anointment that gives a boost to damage. It is even more useful in higher mayhem modes when the spawn rates for these enemies are jacked up and every other enemy is named, badass, or even anointed(which counts for this anointment). This anointment helps to clean up high mayhem bossing.

Why the ASE Damage Boost to Boss, Named, and Badass Enemies Anointment is Great

  • Gives a significant boost to a boss, named or badass enemies, which are harder to kill than normal enemies anyways
  • This anointment can be found on weapons and is very good at mobbing
  • This anointment lasts for a decent amount of time, but if you’re focusing a boss, named, or badass enemy it will last long enough

ASE Damage Boost to Boss, Named, and Badass Enemies Anointment Details

  • On Action Skill End, Deal 125% more Weapon Damage to Badass, Named, and Boss enemies for 15 seconds.

1. Consecutive Hits


This anointment works wonders fir builds that use gun damage. It also is very well-liked in the borderlands 3 community and is featured in a lot of popular streamers builds that are based on gun damage with high mag weapons. Make sure to grab this kind of anointment on a monarch and you are set for life. That being said, it works much better at bossing than it does at mobbing, as you are more likely to miss or let stacks deteriorate when mobbing, but bossing provides you with a constant target. DOT also helps a great deal with this anointment.

Why the Consecutive Hits Anointment is Great

  • Gives a very significant buff while bossing and ends up with about 200% damage boost consistently as long as you are hitting your target.
  • Applies to any weapon that can get the anointment, really shines on high mag weapons that make it easier to get to max stacks
  • The boost can be maintained for as long as you can get stacks or hit a specific target

Consecutive Hits Anointment Details

  • Consecutive Hits increase Weapon Damage by 1% per hit, misses remove all bonuses.

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