[Top 5] Borderlands 3 Best Assault Rifles and How To Get Them

Borderlands 3 best assault rifles
Arm your vault hunter with the best assault rifles on the market

Assault rifles are back in borderlands 3, and they are some of the most powerful weapons in the game. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best from this weapon type.

Rowan's call

Rowan's call

Rowan’s call is a legendary Jakobs assault rifle. Upon hitting a critical, 2 bullets ricochet and hit the nearest enemy, and 2 bullets return to your magazine, with a solid shot, you’ll almost never have to reload. Here are the stats for the version I found

  • Damage 615
  • Accuracy 55%
  • Handling 50%
  • Reload time 3.6s
  • Fire rate 6.93/s
  • Mag size 20
  • 7% shock chance
  • 543 dmg per second
  • +10% critical hit damage

This gun is great for mob types, clearing out groups of enemies, and for shooting larger bosses for extended periods of time. It can be incendiary, shock, or radiation. The rowan’s call is a world drop, which means it can drop from literally everywhere. Fun.

The Laser Sploder

Laser Sploder

the laset sploder is a legendary torgue assault rifle that shoots a laser, and explosive rounds, it has very high base damage and is very good for general use. The red text is a reference to Mr. tourge, who does not like that lasers don't explode. Here are the stats for this version

  • Damage 570
  • Accuracy 73%
  • Handling 55%
  • Reload time 2.6s
  • Fire rate 2.89/s
  • Mag size 22
  • Consumes 2 ammo per shot
  • 13% shock chance
  • 626 +dmg per second

This gun is great for general use, especially against enemies with big shields, or groups of enemies. It can drop in any element, you can get it from loot tinks


The Dictator

The dictator is a legendary Vladof assault rifle, which Fires three bullets in a horizontal line in rifle mode, seven in bipod mode. This makes it great for large swaths of enemies, or bosses. The red text is a quote by the Roman emperor Caligula Here are the stats for the version I found (at level 42)

  • Damage 183x3
  • accuracy 62%
  • Handling 65%
  • Reload time 3.0s
  • Fire rate 9.82/s
  • Mag size 40

The bipod reduces weapon recoil, weapon sway, and increases accuracy, as well as added 4 extra bullets, it does tons of damage if all bullets land on target, so this makes it especially good against bigger bosses. The dictator is a world drop, meaning you can get it from anywhere and everywhere

Breath of the dying

The Breath of the Dying

The Breath of the Dying is a legendary dahl Assault rifle, that does insane corrosive damage, even against non-armored enemies it deals tons of damage, Kills with the weapon makes the enemy explode, releasing corrosive balls in all directions. The weapon name, effect and red text are all a reference to diablo 2. Here are the stats for this weapon (at level 40)

  •  Damage 244
  • Accuracy 80%
  • Handling 86%
  • Reload time 2.6s
  • Fire rate 10.01/s
  • Mag size 49
  • +27% fire rate
  •  0% corrosive effect chance
  • 270 dmg per second

The breath deals very high DPS, and it’s added effect make it great for groups of enemies, it only comes in corrosive. It’s a world drop, so go find a couple of badasses and kill the hell out of them!

How to get the Breath of the Dying


The Bekah

The bekah is a legendary jakobs assault rifle, and as the very top of the list, it’s pretty great, the bekah is essentially a Lyuda in the form of an AR, it shoots 1 shot that separates into three, and if you can land all three bullets unto a single enemy, it does ridiculous amounts of damage the red text is most likely a reference to face mcshooty from borderlands 2 as this is a gun returning from that game Here are the stats

  • Damage 289
  • Accuracy 71%
  • Handling 50%
  • Reload time 2.8s
  • Fire rate 5.51/s
  • Mag size 29 

The bekah is wonderful at everything, it’s great for murdering enemies of all shapes and sizes and I couldn't recommend it more. It only spawns non-elemental In order to get this weapon, you must finish all of Hammerlock's legendary hunts. And boy is it worth it.

How to get the Bekah

Well there you have it, the very best assault rifles in borderlands 3 ( so far!) get looting!

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