Top 10 Games Like Borderlands (Games Better Than Borderlands In Their Own Way)

Games Like Borderlands
These games all have similarities to Borderlands, but they shine in their own unique way.

You’ve played through Borderlands 2 for the 100th time as you wait for the 3rd installment.

A watched pot never boils; so check out some of these games that aresimilar; but different enough to expand your FPS, RPG, and genre-mixing palette.

10. Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Dues Ex Mankind Divided Gameplay

This cyberpunk-themed action RPG is the latest installment in the Deus Ex series.  This game emphasises player freedom and an immersive world that reacts to your choices. 

Top 3 Things That Makes This Game Fun

  • Multiple ways to complete objectives. Sneak, hack, or go in like Rambo; it’s your call. 
  • Choices actually matter and effect how the game and story progress.
  • Top notch stealth mechanics.

Gunplay is greatly improved in this game; cause sometimes ya just need to get a headshot in.

Augmentations add another way for you to wreak havoc.

9. Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart Gameplay

Set in an alternate history of the mid 20th century, the USSR has experienced a technological revolution while at the peak of communism. The Soviet Union was infamous for it’s secrets; and that’s exactly what this “nuclear-punk nightmare” game is rooted in.

Top 3 Things That Make This Game Fun

  • Surreal visuals that will have you asking if someone spiked the punch with LSD
  • Horror survival elements make each bullet count.
  • Creepy references to true events from the USSR.

The developers hacked into my nightmares to create this monster.

These days no game is complete without creepy zombies.

8. The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds Gameplay

The Outer Worlds is a Sci-fi FPS/RPG set in an alternate timeline where mega corporations dominate society. People are calling this the “spiritual successor” to Fallout: New Vegas.   

Top 3 Things That Make This Game Fun

  • You have perks, but your character also develops flaws that negatively affect some of your stats.
  • Player choice changes so much in The Outer Worlds, it’s designed for multiple playthroughs. 
  • Slow down time with “Tactical Time Dilation” and take advantage of enemy weaknesses.

Level and character design bring this Sci-Fi world to life.

Anybody else having flashbacks to Fallout: New Vegas?

7. Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Gameplay

Fallout 4 is a post-apocalyptic RPG, pushing the limits of open world gameplay and player freedom. Arguably one of the best RPGs ever made so if you haven’t played any of the Fallout series, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy ASAP.

Top 3 Things That Make This Game Fun

  • Side quests keep the game engaging with quick payouts.
  • The world and NPCs are so detailed you can lose yourself for hours just exploring.
  • Such a rich crafting system you’ll forget all about finding your lost family…

Complete objectives with stealth, persuasion, or pure mayhem like this guy.

V.A.T.S. slows down time and allows you to do maximum carnage.

6. Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus Gameplay

The third installment in the Metro series, this game keeps the survival horror aspects and adds more player freedom. You’ll stalk your way through detail rich atmosphere and story in this “sandbox survival”.

Top 3 Things That Make This Game Fun

  • Non-linear level design along with a linear story combine allow player freedom with a driving narrative force. 
  • The scarce ammo makes each shot fired feel important.
  • Updated crafting system will have you scavenging around for upgrades.

Beautiful level design highlighted by changing seasons throughout the story.

Radioactive monsters will be your toughest battles.

5. Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite Gameplay

Bioshock Infinite is the third installment in the Bioshock series. Set in a dystopian future where American Nationalism is pushed past the extreme.

Top 3 Things That Make This Game Fun.

  • Whip, zip, and kill from the Sky Lines throughout the city.
  • Incredible story and characters, with deep satire on humanity.
  • “Vigors” give you different superpowers to dominate the battlefield.

WIth the addition of the “Sky Hook”, you can zip around and stop in for facial reconstructive surgery.

The art design in this game is a masterpiece.

4. Prey

Prey Gameplay

Prey mixes FPS, RPG, and survival horror elements…in space! Inspired by sci-fi thriller movies like Alien, this game brings the genre to life.

Top 3 Things That Make This Game Fun.

  • You can gain alien powers; just don’t become more alien than human!
  • Legitimately shook by the jump scares.
  • Deciphering secrets hidden in the space station has a huge payoff.

Nightmare-ish aliens lurk around every corner.

Stealth is an option, but blowing up stuff is more fun!

3. Stalker Call of Pripyat

Stalker Call of Pripyat Gameplay

Set in a beautiful radioactive wasteland you’ll try to survive and shoot your way through the story. The fairly accurate true to life map makes the game that much more eerie.

Top 3 Things That Make This Game Fun

  • Feeling like you’re thrown into a living breathing world, and somehow have to survive.
  • There’s always a NPC nearby to trade with or get a side mission.
  • FPS, survival, stealth, and RPG elements combine to make this a truly unique game.

Beautiful and true to life level design to explore and scavenge.

This is what happens when we aren’t careful with nuclear power plants.

2. Dishonored

Dishonored Gameplay

With an emphasis on open level design and player freedom; take your own path. Plot your shenanigans as you make your way across this work of art.

Top 3 Things That Make This Game Fun

  • Beautiful art design, this game is a “painting in motion”.
  • RPG gameplay allows you to play how you want, and decide how the story turns out.
  • Stealth skills in this game will have you dashing, slicing, and dicing like Salt Bae.

Get up close and personal with stealth combat.

Beautiful design even makes carnage seem like a work of art.

1. WOLFENSTEIN Youngblood

WOLFENSTEIN Youngblood Gameplay

This is the first modern co-op Wolfenstein game, and it brings along some other changes as well. Less emphasis on story but more emphasis on co-op, player freedom, and RPG elements.

Top 3 Things That Make This Game Fun

  • Some of the best FPS mechanics, making gunfights intense and thrilling.
  • With the “Buddy Pass” you can share free downloads with your friends so they can play co-op with you.
  • Open level design gives this installment of Wolfenstein the most player freedom ever.

Grab a friend and kill some Nazis, good ol’ wholesome fun.

Nothing quite like shooting a machine gun in the Wolfenstien series.

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