Borderlands 3 Best Amara Builds

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A saucy siren

Want a vault hunter than can melt through enemies and cause total chaos?

One look at Amara’s impressive biceps is enough to send any psycho running away in fear. Now, imagine six of those biceps, 10x that size, bursting from the ground and pummeling enemies into the dirt. Oh, and did we mention they glow too? It’s safe to say there’s more to this pretty lady than meets the eye.

3. High Self-Sustain Build

An ideal build for solo-play 

If you ever find yourself feeling lost and alone, team up with Amara and this skill build for awesome solo play. This build focuses on building Amara’s health while maximizing her elemental damage. Who needs friends, anyway? 

  • Root to Rise- Max out for 40% health increase.
  • Samsara- This skill has the best of both worlds. Whenever Amara deals damage to an enemy, she gains a stack of Samsara. These stacks are used when your action skill is activated, granting you increased gun damage and health regeneration.
  • Helping Hands- When maxed out, this skill improves damage reduction by an impressive 60% for 15 seconds after your action skill is depleted.
  • Tempest- Elemental damage is increased by 30%, and shock damage specifically is increased by 20%.
  • Restless- Get the most out of your action skill by investing in Restless, which improves her action skill cooldown rate by 25%.

Action Skill Augments-

  • Allure- While your ethereal fists are pummeling your enemies, Allure will create a singularity that will pul all enemies in closer, ensuring they won’t escape your fist’s insane damage.
  • Fist Over Matter-This is excellent for solo play as giant fists burst out of the ground and help you pummel your enemies.
  • Soulfire and Blight Tiger- These augments will grant you fire and corrosive damage respectively. It is important to remember to interchange these augments to increase your DPS in battle; corrosive for machines and fire for humans and animals.


  • Searing Vigilant Malak’s Bane- This high-powered sniper rifle is spawned with random elemental damage so you can take out bad guys from afar while you stay nice and safe.
  • Frantic Recharge- You don’t have any teammates to watch your back so watch your own with this shield that instantly recharges when broken. When shields are full, health is regenerated.
  • Rocket Boots- This artifact launches homing rockets when you slide, dealing incredible damage as you weave in and out of enemies.
  • Chupa’s Organ- A grenade that sticks to enemies and sucks down their health over time.

2. Phasecast and Gun Damage

Phasecast and gun damage combo 

If you’re a fan of shocking, freezing, corroding, and watching your enemies burn before you, then Amara is the vault hunter for you. This build enhances Amara’s elemental damage, allowing her to literally burn through enemies all without breaking a nail. In order to create this build, focus on these skills:

  • Do Harm- Killing an enemy creates a stack of Rush. When stacks of Rush are consumed, Amara’s Action Skill Damage temporarily increases which also increases your elemental damage.
  • Restless- Improves action skill cooldown rate by 25%. The more we can use our action skill, the more mayhem we can create.
  • Wrath- When maxed out, wrath increases gun damage by 20%.
  • Infusion- Converts a portion (40% when maxed out) of weapon damage into action skill element. This further increases your elemental damage.
  • Tempest- Enhances your elemental damage even more. 20% more shock damage and 30% more elemental damage.

Action Skill Augments:

  • Reverberation- Amara sends forward an astral projection of herself that does damage to everyone in her way.
  • Allure- Creates a singularity that pulls everyone into the path of your astral projection.
  • Soulfire or Blight Tiger- Remember to interchange these augments to better enhance your battle


  • Storm Front- Splits into 4 grenades and does continuous shock damage to enemies. Perfect for this elemental build.
  • Meditative Squalling Pilgrim- A class mod that adds points to Clarity, Do Harm, and Infusion. This will increase rush stacks and convert even more gun damage into elemental damage.
  • Queen’s Call- This fast shooting Jakob’s Revolver is also loaded with bonus elemental traits and additional damage for crits.
  • Laser-Sploder- Any variation of the Laser-Sploder will coincide with this build set. The Laser-Sploder deals massive damage even without any of Amara’s elemental traits. This weapon in her hands will mow down swarms of enemies. 

1. The Brawl Build

The best build for Amara 

There’s a reason Amara has all those fists at her disposal. She’s a brawler! This build is about going toe-to-toe with enemies during battle, and delivering unbeatable melee damage. This style of gameplay will expose your vault hunter, so this build will also increase her health to undefeatable levels.

Here are the skills you need:

  • Personal Space- This skill will increase Amara’s gun damage the closer she is to her target, maxing out at an additional 36% damage. With this build’s close-quarter combat style, this is a must need.
  • Anima- Amara’s status effect’s damage and duration are increased.
  • Wildfire- When maxed out this, this skill grants a 40% chance for Amara’s status effect to spread to a nearby enemy, adding additional elemental damage.
  • Root to Rise- Increases max health by 40%, vital for hand to hand combat.
  • Indiscriminate- Grants a 10% chance for bullets to ricochet and damage nearby enemies, increasing your zone of damage

Action Skill Augments:

  • Fist Over Matter- You’re going to need a hand while in melee combat, so why not lend yourself one? This augment summons giant, glowing fists that erupt from the ground and pummels nearby enemies. Of ten killing them in seconds.
  • Allure- Are you noticing a pattern here? Allure is a powerful augment to have and is especially useful in this build as you pull enemies closer to your flailing fists.
  • Soulfire or Blight Tiger


  • Maxed-Out Baby Maker- This Tediore pistol boasts an impressive 979 damage, but it is not the damage that makes this gun impressive. This anointed gun grants Amara a 100% boost to her melee abilities.
  • Kill-O’-The-Wisp- A Maliwan shotgun, this weapon can drop in various elemental types. When shot, elemental orbs shoot out and attach to enemies dealing crazy damage. Its high fire rate is perfect for close-corners combat as well.
  • Rope-a-Dope-Breaker- This class improves Amara’s Damage Reduction by 30% while also increasing her melee abilities by 100%.
  • Fire Stone Commander Planetoid- Artifact that grants 143% Elemental Damage
  • EMP- Expends enemy shields, leaving them vulnerable to your attacks.

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