[Top 10] Borderlands 3 Best End Game Weapons and How To Get Them

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Finished Borderlands 3? Great, you're just getting started.

The Twin Gods, Tyrene and Tyler, are finally dead. Time to relax, right? Wrong, the work of a vault hunter is never over!

Not only will we be seeing at least four DLC’s for this game, but Borderlands 3 is now introducing Mayhem Mode and Raid Mode.

These modes are brutal, but we have the guns to get you through it.

10. Unending Magnificent (Best for Fl4k or Moze)

A fabulous gun with a fabulous name

While pistols, in general, can be underwhelming, Unending Magnificent shreds apart the hairbrained concept that pistols are boring.blows that concept out of the water. This pistol works like an SMG and, judging by looks alone, the latter of this weapon's name is evident. When in the right vault hunter's hands, this gun's magazine could be never-ending.

Weapon Stats:

  • Manufacturer- Vladof
  • Damage- 190
  • Accuracy- 49%
  • Handling- 58%
  • Reload Speed- 6.0s
  • Fire Rate- 13.95/s
  • Magazine Size- 115

Why Unending Magnificent Is Great:

  • Returns bullets to the magazine, adding the possibility of infinite bullets
  • High capacity magazine
  • Drops with random elemental damage
  • Incredible fire rate

How To Get Unending Magnificent:

  •  Random world drop
  •  Can be found with luck and a little bit of loot farming
  •  Where it has been known to spawn: 

9. Phebert (Best for Zane)


This damaging weapon is dropped by an enemy duo called Wick and Warty. This not so subtle Easter egg references Rick and Morty, and the characters even look and sound like their tv series counterpartsnamesake. This gun is fun to find and even more fun to use.

Weapon Stats:

Manufacturer- Hyperion

  • Damage- 1593x2
  • Accuracy- 90%
  • Handling- 67%
  • Reload Speed- 2.7/s
  • Fire Rate- 3.15s
  • Magazine Size- 11

Why Phebert is Great:

  • +439 Weapon Damage
  • +51% Weapon Accuracy
  • 2855 Weapon Shield Capacity

How to get Phebert:

  • From Sanctuary, accept the mission "Kill Wick and Warty"
  • Head to Lectra City and follow your quest marker
  • Avoid the characters' warps, and they will be rather easy to defeat
  • Video Guide:

8. Laser-Sploder (Best for Amara)

An exploding laser-gun

Laser-Sploder is a laser AR manufactured by Torgue. If you're thinking to yourself, "wait, Torgue doesn't make lasers," then you have met the one and only exception. This gun not only shoots a devastating laser-beam, but it also shoots  Togue-style bullets that explode on impact, Torgue-Style.

Weapon Stats:

  • Manufacturer- Torgue
  • Damage- 544
  • Accuracy- 73%
  • Handling- 55%
  • Reload Time- 2.8/s
  • Fire Rate- 2.69/s
  • Magazine Size- 22

What makes the Laser-Sploder awesome?

  • +3.3x Weapon Zoom
  • It wouldn't be a Torgue weapon without an explosion. Not only does this gun unleash an impressive laser stream, but it also shoots bullets that explode on impact.
  • This weapon packs elemental damage, explosions, plus the high capacity damage Torgue is known for.

How to get the DP Laser-Sploder:

  • Random world drop
  • This Youtuber describes where they found the Laser- Sploder: 

7. Skeksil (Best for Fl4k or Amara)

Graffiti-styled gun

Skeksil is the decrepit bird-like creature from the movie, The Dark Crystal. Although that thing was difficult to look at, the Skeksil is a flashy, color-splattered gun. This powerful pistol pays tribute to this classic film by dealing chaotic damage with its nearly infinite magazine.

Weapon Stats:

  • Manufacturer- COV
  • Damage- 575
  • Accuracy- 63%
  • Handling- 58%
  • Repair Time- 3/s
  • Fire Rate- 12.6/s
  • Shots to break- 79

What Makes Skeksil Great:

  • +21 crit damage
  • Drops with/ random elemental damage
  • Launches 1-3 explosives with corresponding element

How To Get Skeksil:

  • Head to Ascension Bluff on Pandora
  • Head Northeast from The Droughts map exit
  • Find and kill the legendary Skrakk

6. Face-Puncher (Best for Amara)

Pefect for Amara

Have you ever wanted to punch someone in the face with a gun? Well, look no further than the Face-Puncher. This shotgun deals melee damage rather than regular gun damage. Depending on your Vault Hunter's build, this is one gun that can be tossed aside or one weapon to rule them all.

Weapon Stats:

  • Manufacturer- Hyperion
  • Type- Shotgun
  • Damage- Based on the character's melee damage
  • Accuracy- 68%
  • Handling- 68%
  • Reload Time- 2.7s
  • Fire Rate- 2.10/s
  • Magazine Size- 6

Why Face-Puncher is Great:

  • Best for melee oriented gameplay
  • One-shot enemies to death
  • Gun can be made more powerful with class mods, skills, and artifacts

How To Get Face-Puncher:

  • World Drop
  •  Players have been known to find this weapon from Chupacabratch and Graveward

5. One Pump Chump (Best for Zane)

One Pump Chump

This gun is known to many because it is a powerful legendary that can be found early on in the game. However, if you're leveled up and ready for some endgame action, head back to Lectra City and find thiss gun all over againagain in all of it’s maxed-out glory.

Weapon Stats:

  • Manufacturer- Jakobs
  • Damage- 192
  • Accuracy- 89%
  • Handling- 61%
  • Reload Time- 1.1/s
  • Fire Rate- 1.61/s
  • Magazine Size- 1

Why One Pump Chump is Great:

  • +24% Reload Speed
  • 3.5x Weapon Zoom
  • 50% chance not to consume ammo when fired
  • +1,425% Weapon Damage
  • Read the last line again if you're still wondering why this is one of the best guns in the game. The increased percentage of weapon damage makes this an INSANE gun that can take out your most formidable opponents.

How To Get One Pump Chump:

  • Head to Lectra City
  • Go to the subway near the New U station
  • Follow narrow corridor
  • Defeat the One-Punch Psycho

​4. Kings/Queen's Call (Best for Fl4k)

Alien-like gun

These guns can drop with either name, though, it has been assumed there is no difference between the two. The gnarly-looking  alien on the barrel of the gun doesn’t seem to care what gender it is. A deadly pistol by its own right, this weapon is most effectively used by Fl4k with his Fade Away skill.

Weapon Stats:

  • Manufacturer- Jakobs
  • Damage- 924
  • Accuracy- 70%
  • Handling- 69%
  • Reload Time- 2.4/s
  • Fire Rate- 10.5/s
  • Magazine Size- 6

What Makes King/Queen's Call Great:

  • Crit hits return three bullets to magazine
  • Crit hits cause bullets to ricochet
  • +10% Crit hit damage

How To Get King/Queen's Call:

  • Head to Destroyer's Rift on Pandora
  • Kill Tyreen The Destroyer

3. Scourge (Best for Moze)

Finally, an RPG

Rocket launchers are every vault hunter's best friend when in a pinch. This chaotic weapon shoots one projectile, with three smaller projectiles that circle the original. The smaller projectiles will split off and home in onfind the nearest target.

Weapon Stats:

  • Manufacturer- Torgue
  • Damage- 5348
  • Accuracy- 81%
  • Handling- 41%
  • Reload Time- 4.3/s
  • Fire Rate- .73/s
  • Magazine Size- 4

What Makes Scourge Great:

  • +27% weapon damage
  • +200% splash damage
  • Shoots 4 projectiles at once
  • Great for crowd control

How To Get Scourge:

  • Random world drop
  • Loot farming recommended

2. Bangarang XL (Best for Zane or Amara)

Bangarang bomerang gun

When reloaded, this pistol oscillates and flies through the air, spraying bullets in all directions. This gun melts through end game enemies like they're Level 1 Rakks, making it perfect for close-combat oriented vault hunters.

Weapon Stats:

  • Manufacturer-Tediore
  • Damage- 610
  • Accuracy- 49%
  • Handling- 57%
  • Reload Time- 1/s
  • Fire Rate- 5.4/s
  • Magazine Size- 30

What Mmakes Bangarang XL Great:

  • +15% Weapon Fire Rate
  • 18% Reload speed
  • 7.2x Weapon Zoom
  • Unlike most Tediore guns, this weapon doesn't just explode when reloaded. This gun flies in a boomerang pattern while spewing a hailstorm of bullets in all directions.
  • On reload, thisWhen thrown, this gun flies and shoots for a solid six seconds, making it a perfect weapon when mobbed by enemies, or for solo play.

How To Get Bangarang XL:

  • Random world drop, again

1. Flakker (Versatile)

Undefeatable gun

This shotgun will be your best friend during Mayhem and Raid modes when swarms of high-level enemies comestat storming your way. This weapon is designed for mid-range shooting and will cause utter mayhem that can't be touched.

Weapon Stats:

  • Manufacturer- Tediore
  • Damage- 1502x3
  • Accuracy- 55%
  • Handling- 58%
  • Reload Time- 2.1/s
  • Fire Rate- 9.5/s
  • Magazine Size- 16

Why Is Flakker Great:

  • +210 Splash Damage
  • 2.1x Weapon Zoom
  • With each shot, three unseen bullets travel from the barrel for about a second before erupting into a series of devastating explosions.
  • This gun is perfect for mid-range attacks and dealing impressive damage to large groups of enemies.

How To Get Flakker:

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