[Top 5] Borderlands 3 Best DPS Guns

Borderlands 3 Best DPS Guns
learn about the most powerful weapons in the game

Sometimes, you just want to murder things at maximum speed. No fancy weapon abilities. Just pure damage.

Well, this is the list for you. Without further ado, I bring to you,  the 5 best DPS weapons in borderlands 3

Lucian's call

Lucian's call

  • DAMAGE                     368
  • ACCURACY                 51%
  • HANDLING                  58%
  • RELOAD TIME             4.0s
  • FIRE RATE                   10.67/s
  • MAG SIZE                    60

The lucians call is the first entry on this list, with very solid DPS, not to mention the added Jacobs ability saving you ammo and adding to extra bullets into the world every time you hit a crit, it's one of the better guns in the game DPS aside. It's a world drop, so just keep trucking and you'll get your mitts on this piece of work before long

Rowan's Call

Rowan's Call

  • DAMAGE.                  577
  • ACCURACY      .       56%
  • HANDLING                57%
  • RELOAD TIME.          3.1s
  • FIRE RATE                 8.00/s
  • MAG SIZE                  20

The slightly higher damaging cousin of the Lucian's call. With slightly worse handling. It is also a world drop

The Crossroad

the Crossroad

  • DAMAGE                  344x3
  • ACCURACY             34%
  • HANDLING               81%
  • RELOAD TIME         3.1s
  • FIRE RATE.             10.42/s
  • MAG SIZE               49

The crossroads is the highest DPS SMG in the game, though highly consumptive it melts everything on the battlefield. It's a loot tink drop, so you'll have to either wait to come across one, or find a decent farm for it.

The Butcher

The Buchcer

  • DAMAGE                  486x3
  • ACCURACY              72%
  • HANDLING                74%
  • RELOAD TIME.         3.1s
  • FIRE RATE                8.51/s
  • MAG SIZE                 10

The butcher is essentially an assault rifle in shotgun form. It consumes a ton of ammo, but it deals ridiculously good damage, as is the case with every one of these guns of course. It's a world drop, so get out there and get killin

The lyuda

The Lyuda

  • DAMAGE                   985x2
  • ACCURACY               83%
  • HANDLING                37%
  • RELOAD TIME          4.3s
  • FIRE RATE                6.01/s
  • MAG SIZE                16

Of course, it was the lyuda, the sniper rifle does unrivaled DPS, especially against bigger enemies. But big or small they all fall to the lyuda. This gun is the premier boss melter, the mob shredder, the ultimate DPS weapon in borderlands 3. The only downside is like many of the guns on this list, it is extremely ammo heavy, and will require a constant stream to be of continuous use. You can get it as a world drop, or a guaranteed reward for finishing all of zero's target of opportunity crew challenges.

There you have it. Why are you still here? Get looting

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