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Best PS5 Looter Shooters
15. Marvel’s Avengers (Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PS5... Read More
Best PS5 Couch Co-op Games
In case you thought the classic, couch co-op was a dying breed, these... Read More
Whether this gen or last, Playstation has never offered such an... Read More
RPG with Guns
10. Bloodborne  Bloodborne gameplay  Play... Read More
Borderlands 3 Best Anointments
Anointments are a part of the endgame content available after... Read More
Borderlands 3 Best Artifacts and How to Get Them
It began on pandora, with the opening of the first vault came eridian... Read More
Borderlands 3 Best Shields
Ever wanted to take a barrage of missiles to the face and keep on... Read More
Borderlands 3 Best Assault Rifles and How to Get Them
Assault rifles in borderlands 3 range from being useful to being... Read More
Borderlands 3 Best Grenades and How to Get Them
Grenades may not be as important to some builds in Borderlands 3 (... Read More
Best Combat Games
Top 15 best combat Games That Are Amazing It's almost like... Read More
No matter the time, there are always heroes ready for battle
[Top 15] Most Popular RPGs in the World Role-playing games have... Read More
Borderlands 3 Best DPS Guns
Sometimes, you just want to murder things at maximum speed. No fancy... Read More
Borderlands 3 Best FL4K Builds
FL4K is the preeminent murder-bot of borderlands 3, giving you a... Read More
Borderlands 3 Best Zane Builds
Do you want to move faster than fast? Become an unkillable tank? Or... Read More
 Borderlands 3 Best Shields
Do you want to not die? Then shields are just the thing you need!... Read More
You're going to spend a lot of time farming in borderlands 3, Whether... Read More
Borderlands 3 best assault rifles
Assault rifles are back in borderlands 3, and they are some of the... Read More
Borderlands Best Builds
Make the most of each vault hunter so that you can wreak havoc.... Read More
amara best guns, amara dps, legendary weapons
We already know Amara is a badass Siren, but how do we make her... Read More
split-screen, team play, couch co-op, group play
Feeling All Alone? Our friends over at 2K have worked tirelessly... Read More
end game guns, legendary guns, best guns, dps
Finished Borderlands 3? Great, you're just getting started. The... Read More
best weapons
Out of a billion guns, which ones wreck the hardest? With over a... Read More
best skill builds, BDL3, borderlands 3, siren, melee build
Want a vault hunter than can melt through enemies and cause total... Read More
Borderlands 3 Release Date
Looters and shooters are holding their breath for Borderlands 3,... Read More
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