Borderlands 3: 10 Crazy Predictions That May Just Come True: Page 8 of 10

Looking forward to a crazy and violent Borderlands future
Haven't been this Giddy since I shot off a Psycho Midget's arms with a shotgun.

8. It's about Time We Made Sheriff

With all this world-saving going on, people should really start being deputized.

So you’ve save the world a couple times now.  By this time, the people of Pandora see a need to keep the looting, shooting and eviscerating at a manageable level. So your characters will be deputized and tasked with maintain the laws, like you can’t devour your opponent immediately after killing them, because that’s just rude.  The guy just lost his dignity and respect in this gun battle and now that butt munch is trying to take his organs from him right off the bat. It’s up to people like you to stop this insensitivity.

This could bring an interesting set of side-quests where you are tasked with helping establish “justice” and going off to solve all sort of problems and disputes that would only happen in a place like Pandora.

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