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Assassin's Creed Syndicate: 5 Exciting Features
The Syndicate gang, locked and loaded.

3. Weapons 

A small arsenal of lethal weapons is available to the Frye’s including: the Kukri knife, brass knuckles, a sword-cane, and a revolver. The Kukri knife is a mean looking dagger with a node of serration near the hilt which is there for splitting bone. Brass knuckles speak for themselves in the form of high impacts to the face of your foes. The sword-cane is a dirty little pirate trick that enables the player to smile knowing they are concealing lethal weaponry in plain sight. Last but not least is the revolver, a trusty six-shooter with plenty of stopping power.

"When did I ever say this was going to be a fair fight?"

These will come in handy when facing mob-bosses.

The Kukri knife; like a machete, but meaner. 

All of these deadly options supported by the utility of the assassin’s gauntlet afford players the luxury of finding a fighting style that suits their taste.

This image begs the question; can we use the rope-launcher to impale enemies?

The gauntlet is the assassin’s version of a Swiss army knife and includes a few gadgets. The hidden-blade will be the familiar item attached to the gauntlet, but it comes with two new features. Hallucinogenic darts give players a crowd-control card that can be played if the situation calls for it. The other gauntlet feature is the rope-launcher which instantly pulls up memories of Link’s hook-shot. The rope-launcher not only makes it easier to go on the offensive; using it to escape by zip-lining between rooftops reminds players that the tool can be used in a variety of situations.

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