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Assassin's Creed Syndicate: 5 Exciting Features
The Syndicate gang, locked and loaded.

4. Combat

Combat is what has me the most excited about Syndicate. Considering the civilized-shift that is occurring during the industrial revolution, keeping a blade in plain-sight is not an option. Even though that might seem like a setback, combat in Syndicate is the most fast-paced of the franchise, allowing you to devastate with bare hands.

There are some districts where nobody plays by the rules. 

What restriction on open-carry does is precipitates fights that resemble those barroom beat downs that everyone dreams of being a part of at least once in their lifetime. These brawls are up-close-and-personal and appear to be under the influence of turbo-mode as combos are dished out to the opponent. If hand to hand is getting stale, Syndicate offers a set of tools sure to spice up any situation.

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