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Assassin's Creed Syndicate: 5 Exciting Features
The Syndicate gang, locked and loaded.

5. Plot

The first area that should be covered is Syndicate’s plot, which is unique for a couple reasons. The first is that Syndicate is set within Victorian London at the cusp of the Industrial Revolution; a point in time which up until now has remained untouched by Assassin’s Creed. Secondly, the game features two playable characters which doesn’t change the plot as much as it gives players the option of viewing it from another angle.

Jacob taking a stroll through a more pleasant section of the city.  

The recipe of Syndicates storyline is simple; mix one cup of filthy-rich, upper-class citizens with one cup of disgruntled, working-class citizens. Next, fold in all the pride and animosity that are associated with these life perspectives and watch the mixture come to a boil. The last ingredient is key because it comes into the mix as a wild-card. It consists of those who are so fed up with the imbalance that they are ready to raze the system until it represents justice for those who work so hard to support it. Enter Jacob and Evie Frye.

The working-class literally working themselves to death. 

These twins are the main protagonists, they belong to this wild-card group and are out to level the playing field. Jacob is the aggressive one, a born-assassin willing to take the lead and strike at a moment’s notice. Evie strikes me as the tactician, a master calculator, who works closely with Jacob to make sure he doesn’t overextend his luck.

Battlemaster, Evie Frye. 

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