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Breaking skulls the sportsmanlike way!
Breaking skulls the sportsmanlike way!

8. Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Round 2


Lightning fists

Released in 2000 for consoles, Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Round 2 is the oldest title on this list, yet remains on of the best boxing games around.

Like the previous two entries, this arcade boxer features several colorful characters to choose from, including a robot, a meme, and the funkadelic pugilist, Afro Thunder. As players exchange flurries of punches and taunt each other, a “RUMBLE” meter builds up. Once filled, the player gains access to powerful moves and combos.

In addition to the return of ring announcer Michael Buffer with his trademark “Let’s get ready to rumble!” catchphrase, the game has some surprising additions to the roster. They include Shaquille O’Neal, US ex-President Bill Clinton (known in-game as Mr. President) and his wife Hillary Clinton (The First Lady), and Michael Jackson. The latter had his moves motion captured to make his digital avatar more authentic. So if you’ve always fantasized about trading blows with the Commander-in-chief, or socking the King of Pop in the face, this is your game.


Yiiheeee! The King of Pop wants to be the King of the Ring!


Michael Jackson vs. Overly Manly Man

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