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Breaking skulls the sportsmanlike way!
Breaking skulls the sportsmanlike way!

1. Fight Night Round 4

Fight Night Round 4 01

De La Hoya loosening a few teeth

Today, when it comes to professional fisticuffs, one video game franchise immediately pops into mind: Fight Night.

One of the best boxing games of our time, Fight Night Round 4 for consoles emulates the unique fighting styles of the greatest pugilists in the sport’s history. A fan of Muhammad Ali’s agile footwork, and his incredible boxing speed and reach? How about Mike Tyson’s bouncy evasiveness, and his hooks and uppercuts that leave opponents face flat on the ground? All 48 licensed boxers are authentic recreations of themselves, allowing you to stage some truly epic matches.

The revamped physics engine makes the boxing as realistic as possible. Everything you’d expect from the real thing comes into play, such as knockout blows, glancing punches, footwork, fatigue, surges of adrenaline, and more. Not to mention it features great visuals and animation, and you can thump your friends silly with multiplayer, too!

A true classic!

Fight Night Round 4 02

Miguel Cotto making Pacquaio reconsider his priorities

Fight Night Round 4 03

The fastest way to beat insomnia: a punch to the face from Carlos Monzon 

So there you have it: the 11 Best Boxing Games To Play in 2015! How about you, fellow gamers? Tell us your favorite boxing games in the comments section below!

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