Valorant: How To Unlock Agents For Free

Valorant: How To Unlock Agents For Free
Valorant agents waiting for you to unlock them.

When you start playing Valorant, you are given your first five agents for free, and another two during the introductory contract. However, as you progress into the game, unlocking agents takes longer than the first two recruits you had.


There are two ways to unlock agents in Valorant; by buying their contract tiers for Valorant Points (VP), or by simply playing and earning XP. In this guide, we will talk about how to unlock agents without spending any dime.


How to unlock agents for free in Valorant:

  • Step 1: Under the Agents tab, select the agent you would want to unlock and Activate their contract.

  • Step 2: Play a lot of games. You’ll earn XP from any of the game modes available but you’ll gain the most with Unrated and Ranked matches. Every round in these modes will give you 100 XP, and an additional 200 XP if you win it.

  • Step 3: Check your missions! Completing them will give you a tremendous boost in XP. For example, a daily mission of “Pick Up Ultimate Orbs” will reward you with 2,000 XP upon completion.
  • On the other hand, Weekly missions require you to complete a certain task many times, but the rewards are definitely worth it. A “Use Your Ultimate 25 Times” weekly mission will give you a hefty 24,640 XP upon completion. Neat, right?

One of the advantages of unlocking more agents this way is that you can practice your game sense and aim while grinding for XP. It’s a win-win situation, indeed!

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