The Outer Worlds Review- Is It Worth It?

The Outer Worlds Review
I don't think on earth anymore.

The Outer World Review - Is it worth it?

This game is definitely worth buying, I will be listing off all the good, the bad and the ugly that comes with it so everyone fasten those seat belts cause boy do I have a review for you. I'm gonna take you on an adventure that I'm sure you all will love. 

About The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds is an action RPG that takes players into the vibrant space world of Halcyon, with many planets to explore and creatures to see some of which may or may not try to eat you. Developed by Obsidian Entertainment released on October 25th, 2019 was met with hundreds of positive responses from the release trailer to the day it finally came out, I was lucky enough to get my hands on the last copy from my local Walmart it was looked forward to that much. The Publisher Take-Two Interactive even stated that The Outer Worlds outperformed expectations with sales and while I cannot find how many copies were sold on release it has reached over 2 million to date.

The Outer Worlds Story

            A Beautiful Night in Halcyon

The Outer Worlds begins with you being frozen and saved by a scientist named Phineas who is wanted by the evil Board. It is our job to either side with him to restore the rest of the frozen colonists or side with the board to take control over Halcyon. The story is amazing, the characters that you meet as you make your way to the end game and small factions make the world seem so much bigger. And with the different endings to experience it makes you want to see more. 

The Outer Worlds Gameplay

Before you can start your story you must create your colonist and just like Fallout, there are different attributes, which are strength, dexterity, intelligence, perception, charm and temperament as well as starting two tag skills that can be added or removed to make a character that fits the playthrough you are going through. You can even make the character dumb which gives some funny interactions with NPCs and companions. You can Hunt alien creatures and can explore to your heart's content there is so much to see you can even find decorations for your ship scattered around the different worlds. There isn't a class system so whatever character you have in mind is who you play as but with the variety of weapons you can specialize in any kind of combat you want whether it be with melee weapons or ranged weapons to being stealthy to someone just tanking damage and gunning down enemies there are endless possibilities. The NPCs are especially interesting from the companions you travel with to the ones who give out quests like there is an NPC that is stuck inside a moon man helmet. With the NPCs come factions that you will need to destroy or join in order to progress to the end game. The Outer Worlds has four known endings two of which are hidden endings which makes the game replayable with different playthroughs, that's not including the different choices that can be made throughout the game.

The Outer Worlds Combat

The combat system in The Outer Worlds works like a first-person shooter where you have a free aim reticle and with the help from Tactical Time Dilation and whatever you choose to be your main type of weapon can determine if it’s a stealth kill or not. There are different ammo types, which are heavy, energy, and light. And weapon customization can change what kind of damage will be inflicted upon an enemy. With the max level for now being level 30 and as you level you can put skill points into different skills which can allow you to be better when speaking or better with a firearm, or even to improve weapons to kill things in one hit. The weapons are two and one-handed melee, heavy weapons, long-ranged automatic and bolt action weapons along with handguns and special science weapons that are collectible. Each creature has its own weakness so while one kind of weapon works really well others don't do much at all but give it a tickle. On top they have weak spots and if you can't find it at first it might make the battle longer. And the sounds of the guns are amazing. Some pistols and assault rifles sound like they are firing actual bullets while the science guns sound like lasers being fired.

The Outer Worlds Quest System

Each quest is unique from the main quest to either save the colonists or take control of Halcyon, which leads to side quests distracting you for a short time to even companion quests which don't really give much of a change in gameplay but add a nice touch to the personality of each companion allowing you to understand them as individuals and not generic NPCs. Some of the quest giving NPCs lead you to another quest giving NPC which leads to another and while this is a bit tedious it gives you options and choices that change the result of the end game. There is a companion quest that allows you to find your companion Parvati love which leads to a quest of finding soap, a casserole, some candies, and a nice outfit just so she can impress the woman she is smitten with which is so nice to see in a the beginning you are trying to power up your ship so you go to the town of Edgewater but the first NPC you see gives a quest to collect gravesite fees which results in getting a mission for medicine and finding gold teeth. Not a single boring day in Halcyon.

The Outer Worlds Graphics

The graphics of The Outer Worlds are definitely on par in this day and age. I think they are absolutely vibrant. The light sources produce shadows which is amazing to see especially when there are flickering shadows from a flame. With combat, the flash of the muzzle after each firing of the weapon is not only realistic for weapons that use bullets but with the science weapons it shows what damage is being done to an enemy and firing at a wall leaves a bullet hole for a minute until the next shot is made.

The Outer Worlds Developer

The Outer Worlds was developed by Obsidian Entertainment who also brought us Fallout New Vegas in the past. The game is not buggy as far as I could see a few glitchy spots depending on what was where and always seemed to fix itself, it was quite smooth during my first playthrough. Obsidian definitely listens to the community and knows what we want to see. The Outer Worlds was hyped up by many of us and while some don't see the hype as worth it a lot of others still play it today. There is talk of upcoming DLC this year but we are still awaiting new information. And when it comes to support for obsidian I'm sure it's safe to say they definitely have our support.

The Outer Worlds Price

Currently The Outer Worlds costs $59.99 and is available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. There is no pay to win aspects and no in-game purchases. It's 100% a story-driven single-player Action RPG.

On a scale of 1-10, I will have to give this a 9.5/10 due to the companions being relatable in a way as well as the different outcomes that can happen depending on the character you play.



  • 4 possible endings 
  • Many difficult choices to make that change the outcome of some missions
  • Really fleshed out companions with unique personalities and fighting styles
  • The armor/ weapon variety is amazing and can change depending on each playthrough
  • The world is vibrant and beautiful and the creatures are very well designed from cute to horrifying.


  • Some flaws you can give your character for the sake of getting a skill point can either make or break a playthrough (don't take robophobia)
  • Not many options for character customization can mainly change the face and head of who you create
  • The only way to look at your character is by going into the inventory screen 
  • The same button is used to interact, talk, and pull out your weapon
  •  Flaws just give a bonus perk point but add negatives to certain stats when around certain creatures or being high up not entirely worth it.
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