Top 5 The Outer Worlds Best Armor and How To Get Them

 The Outer Worlds Best Armor
I have a closet full of these armors

Top 5 The Outer Worlds Best armor and how to get them


5. Chimaera ( Best for Speech builds)

Chimaera is an original piece done by fashion designer Celeste Jolicoeur, made with raptidon flank, mantiqueen chitin, and primal leather.

Chimaera stats:

  • +10 points into dialogue 

    • Persuade

    • Lie

    • Intimidate 

  • Armor rating of 53
  • Weighs 1 lb

What Chimaera excels in: 

  • The +10 dialogue is really good for speech-related builds
  • Topped with A Nice Hat can grant you the achievement well dressed

How to get Chimaera:

  • Begin companion quest for Parvati
  • When you get to Byzantium Parvati's quest “Don’t Bite the Sun” will lead you to Celeste
  • Make sure to complete Parvati’s quest before starting the “Makes Space Suits, Won't Travel” quest
  • Talk to Celeste to continue with Parvati quest then continue to talk to get the quest “Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel.”
  • Quest is in three parts first part involves collecting and wearing 3 different outfits
  • On the groundbreaker go to Ike’s armory in the back and get Mark 7 cranial protector
  • Outside of Edgewater take out some Marauders for their outfits
  • On monarch within the Iconoclast faction there is a vendor that sells the iconoclast outfit
  • The second part of the quest after wearing the outfits and talking to celeste is to get raptidon flank, Mantiqueen Chitin, and Primal leather 2 of which can be found on steller bay sold by Sabastian Adam’s wildlife emporium
  • To get primal leather go to Scylla and hunt primals you will need 10 leather
  • Last part of the quest involves picking up a package and bringing it back to Celeste
  • When you return Celeste will be dead and the only thing left is to get her key to unlock the door and on the desk will be Chimaera

YouTube Video Guide: 

4. Sublight VP Armor (best for Speech builds)

Your name becomes stitched into the collar along with the title: Vice President of Aggressive Acquisitions. 

Sublight VP Armor Stats:

  • +10 skill bonus to intimidate
  • 26 armor rating
  • Weighs 3 lbs

What Sublight VP Armor excels in:

  •  adding a slight boost to intimidation making anyone do as you wish

How to get  Sublight VP Armor:

  • Go to the Groundbreaker speak with Lilya Hagen and get the quest “Chimerist’s Last Experiment
  • Go to Byzantium and enter Dr. Chartrand’s home
  • Kill Dr. Chartrand and return back to Lilya Hagen to get the Sublight VP Armor as a reward

Youtube Video Guide: 

Start Video At: 4:25 

3. Iconoclast Apostle Helmet (best for melee builds)

Iconoclasts repurposed this heavy suit and made it into lumbering but protective armor.

Iconoclast Apostle Helmet Stats:

  • +5 skill bonus to melee weapons 
  • Armor rating of 34
  • Weighs 5 lbs

What the Iconoclast Apostle Helmet excels in:

  • Improved melee 
  • Protection from the elements

How to get Iconoclast Apostle Helmet:

  • Go to amber heights in the monarch wilderness 
  • Find Graham Bryant and receive the quest “pay for the printer”
  • After completing the quest as a reward you will get the Iconoclast Apostle Helmet

Youtube Video Guide: 

Start Video At: 3:58

2. Sublight Contractor Helm (best for survival)

Lightweight spacer’s helmet, full coverage for moderate protection

Sublight Contractor Helm Stats:

  • Skill Bonus: +25% damage to creatures
  • Armor rating of 18
  • Weighs 18 lbs

Sublight Contractor Helm excels in:

  • Moderate protection
  • Extra damage to creatures

How to get Sublight Contractor Helm:

  • Speak to Catherine Malin in Stellar Bay and get the quest Slaughterhouse Clive
  • Either kill Clive or convince him to join you and go speak to Catherine to get the Sublight Contractor Helm

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1.  MSI Elite Armor (best for ranged builds)

Customized heavy armor donned by MSI’s Saltuna Elite.

MSI Elite Armor Stats:

  • Skill Bonus: Ranged weapon skills +5
  • Armor rating of 39
  • Weighs: 5 lbs

What MSI Elite Armor Excels in:

  • Heavy armor protection
  • Great for ranged weapons

How to get MSI Elite Armor:

  • Speak with Sanjar Nandi to Start Faction Quest “Errors Unseen” complete the quest to get the MSI Elite Armor as a reward.

Youtube Video Guide: 

Start Video At: 10:47

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