The Outer Worlds Best Companions -Who Should You Choose?

Outer Worlds Best Companion
Two of six help me one hit.

The Outer Worlds Best Companions- Who should you choose?

6. SAM

I'm not afraid of any robots.

Sam is a Maintenance Automechanical Modified to shoot acid, he was found by Captain Alex Hawthorn during one of his missions. Before Captain Hawthorn died he was going to fit Sam with an Acid sprayer to make him combat-ready for the next outing.

Choose This Companion if you

  • Like robots

  • To be extra intimidating

  • Want to see some interesting interactions 

  • Don’t plan on being afraid of robots

Companion Details:

5. Nyoka

Who needs a drinking buddy?

A booze-fueled Huntress from the wild planet of Monarch, she is also possibly the last big game hunter on Monarch.

Choose This Companion if you

  • Like hunting large creatures

  • Like to be extra sneaky 

  • Enjoy a drink from time to time

  • Fight for those lost

Companion Details:

4. Maximillian Desoto

Seriously why is it in french?

Born into a working-class family Max was never content as a laborer. He believed if he studied scientism enough he could be happy like his parents. Because of this he left home and became a Vicar.

Choose This Companion if you

  • Want to also understand religion

  • Played a sport to release any anger

  • Need help with Science

  • Want to find yourself

Companion Details:

3. Ellie Fenhill

Who needs a Pirate surgeon?

Surgeon turned pirate with a jaded outlook on life, she rarely judges people for their way of life or the decisions they make. When working as a mercenary she values professionalism.

Choose This Companion if you

  • Like pirates and doctors

  • Want to be accepted

  • Want to be better with medicine

  • Like pistols

Companion Details:

2. Felix Millstone

Heck yea I love Tossball.

Felix is a young box carrier on the groundbreaker known for causing trouble, a real rebel without a cause. He also really loves Tossball

Choose This Companion if you

  • Like to be better at picking locks

  • Need help talking to people

  • Also love Tossball

  • Want to be sneaky

Companion Details:

1. Parvati Holcomb

Well we now know what love is, and it's adorable.

Empathetic yet naive mechanic working in Edgewater, she personifies machines she interacts with often giving them names. Her lack of confidence overshadows her empathy however.

Choose This Companion if you

  • Love a good romance

  • Need a little help with making weapons and armor better

  • Want to meet Jeffery

  • Want to pick a lock

Companion Details:

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