Top 5 Outer Worlds Best Companion Weapons And How To Get Them

The Outer Worlds Best Companion Weapon
Only the best for my companions

[Top 5] The Outer Worlds Best Companion Weapons And How To Get Them


5. Shrink Ray

Start Video at 3:49

The shrink ray was invented by Phineas Welles that is capable of shrinking any living being it is fired at. Unsure why Phineas invented such a weapon, maybe he wanted to shrink his tumor pigs to adorable sizes.

What makes the shrink ray so awesome?

  • Can get stronger with the science skill
  • Has a hidden effect to actually shrink enemies 

Shrink ray Stats:

  • Skill: handgun
  • Damage type: Plasma
  • Special Effect: weaken
  • Ammo Type: Energy Cell

How To Get Shrink Ray:

4.Gloop Gun

Start Video at 1:55

Development of this weapon was halted when one of the scientists working on it was killed by marauders, the remaining scientists realized they never understood her portion of the work.

What makes the Gloop Gun Awesome?

  • Used to suppress workers and angry mobs
  • Can temporarily levitate anyone hit with it
  • Works well with high science

Gloop Gun Stats:

  • Skill: Science/ Heavy Weapons
  • Damage type: Shock
  • Special Effect: Weaken
  • Ammo type: Energy Cells

How to get the Gloop gun:  

3. Anti-Manti Ray

Start Video at 1:56

Found among the bones of hunters and marauders looking to kill the mantisaur queen only to not succeed and lose their lives who knows who created it. It's too bad they didn't know it would be ineffective. 

What makes the Anti-Manti Ray awesome?

  • Is useful against Auto Mechanics
  • Can be modified to change acid damage to corrosion

Anti-Manti Ray Stats

  • Damage Type: Corrosion
  • Ammo: Energy Cells
  • Special Effect: Stagger

How to get Anti-Manti Ray:

2. Rapti-don't 

Start Video at 6:23

Northeast of Cascadia past the sulfur pits teaming with raptidons lies a wondrous sight: a pile of dead raptidons, taken out by a mysterious hero who took his final stand against the beastly threat most likely taken out by Chimera themself.

What makes Rapti-don’t Awesome?

  • Shoots Fast dealing plasma damage
  • Rate of fire is good for early game

Rapti-don’t Stats:

  • Damage Type: Plasma
  • Ammo: Energy Cell
  • Special Effect: Knockback

How to get Rapti-don't:

1. Irion’s Flintlock

Start Video at 1:53

A specialized auto-mag pistol for Captain Irion who has really great taste in semi-automatics.

What Makes Irion’s Flintlock awesome?

  • Can be improved with Handgun skill
  • Physical damage hits hard

Irion’s Flintlock Stats:

  • Skill: Handguns
  • Damage type: Physical
  • Special Effect: Stagger
  • Ammo Type: Light ammo

How to get Irion’s Flintlock:


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