The Outer Worlds Best Ending [Guide]

The Outer Worlds Endings
All good things must come to an end

The Outer Worlds Best Ending [Guide]


4. Good Ending (Phineas)

The good ending is a straightforward ending to get all that’s needed is to just be nice and make the best decisions that have good intentions

The Good Ending Review:

While playing to get the good ending during my first playthrough I learned that there are many different ways to get it, some you will not realize until your second or third playthrough. To get the true good ending I find helping everyone is the best option sure it makes it feel like a bit of a fetch quest a lot of the time but it’s rewarding and if you do it right you not only get people to join you but you also get more in the end game slide show and if done right it will be good things said about you

How to get this ending:

  • Create any character you want
  • For best ending go every possible mission and help everyone you can
  • Get all companions and do their quests when given the chance too 
  • When allowed to pick between Sophia (The Board) or Phineas side with Phineas and when Sophia wants you to set a tracker in Phineas’s lab talk to him before placing it
  • After talking to Phineas he will give a corrupted tracker for you to place on his computer, this will alert him when the board comes to arrest him later on
  • Continue to work for Sophia as a double agent and go speak with her face-to-face 
  • Get a navkey to go to Monarch and find your last companion Nyoka and do her short quest to get info on where Broker is
  • Find broker kill off some marauders trying to get him and talk to him 
  • After you talk to him you will have to deal with stellar bay and the iconoclasts 
  • For best outcome help out both and when it comes to the iconoclasts do their quests and help out Zoe 
  • After dealing with them go back to Broker and jumpstart the antennae when you do Stellar Bay and the Iconoclasts will pop up on the screen and talk soon after a ship will crash land and Phineas will have the information he needed 
  • After this go to the crashed ship get the item needed then go to stellar bay first and talk to Sanjar and try to set up a truce between him and the iconoclasts which is why you need to help Zoe
  • Go back to Zoe she will agree but only if she is the leader which means you can either kill Graham or talk him into stepping down
  • After Zoe is leader she will attend the meeting for an alliance 
  • Go to the meeting and oversee the whole thing after convincing them and they agree to be allies continue with the main quest
  • After Phineas has the information he needs he will send you to meet with his contact in Byzantium
  • Meet with the contact and do all main quests in Byzantium till you get to the point of skipping the Hope
  • Have ADA skip the Hope to its destination and go to Phineas’s lab where he has been captured
  • After killing the enemies search his lab for clues and find out he is in a prison on the planet Tartarus
  • Go to Tartarus talk to your companions and if you did their quests they will have nice things to say and follow you anywhere
  • Storm the prison and get to the final boss which is a giant automechanical after destroying it break into Sophia’s office kill her and let Phineas out
  • Congratulations you have achieved the Good ending

3. Bad Ending (The Board)

The bad ending is like all endings pretty simple if you know what choices to make.

The Bad Ending Review:

While playing through my dumb playthrough I sided with the Board to get the bad ending and it was a very interesting experience it was a very quick playthrough and it seemed like I beat the game faster than usual, which is why they use the goal of the bad ending to do speed runs. The bad ending was worth playing through to get a different look at the story and I can say it’s worth playing through to do your speed runs.

How to get this ending:

  • Create your character
  • Playthrough how you want at first until you get to the groundbreaker 
  • Once you are on the groundbreaker find Udom and do his quests and turn Phineas in
  • After helping Udom you will be able to go to Byzantium and help Sophia
  • Do all quests for Sophia and after doing so you will be able to turn Phineas in finally after getting on the Boards good side
  • After this Sophia, she will send you to Phineas’s lab and put a tracker on his computer and leave (do not talk to him but if you want to grab the shrink ray on the table)
  • Head back to Byzantium and speak with Sophia face-to-face she will send you to Monarch 
  • Talk to Percival get the navkey to go to Monarch to deal with the Anti-Board propaganda 
  • Continue doing the main quest go find the Broker find the Iconoclast and stop their propaganda
  • Go back to the broker do everything needed there and then go back to Sophia
  • When you meet up with Sophia she will send you to wipe out Edgewater (the first place you find in the beginning)
  • Go to the Geothermal plant and send all auto-mechanicals to wipe the town out for you after it is done return to Sophia to report the job done
  • Go to the hope skip it to the prison planet of Tartarus
  • Make your way through the prison planet fighting off prisoners if you have to to make your way to Phineas and once in the second to last room talk to him and either convince him to stand down (it’s better with dumb dialogue) or go in and kill him yourself to save Sophia
  • After saving Sophia watch the end slide show and congrats you achieved the bad ending

2.Ice Cream Ending

The Ice Cream ending is a secret hidden ending that is easy to accomplish.

Ice Cream Ending review:

This ending was honestly extremely simple and easy to accomplish and all that was needed is low intelligence to be able to choose some Dumb dialogue at the end of whatever ending you are going for. Dumb dialogue never seems to fail us with how entertaining it is in the grand scheme of things I can say it’s worth worthing towards. 

How to get this ending:

  • Create a character with low intelligence
  • Play through the game as you would doing whatever quests you need to do
  • Side with either Phineas or The Board it doesn’t entirely matter
  • Continue to play up to the point where you have to save either Phineas (good ending) or Sophia (bad ending)
  • After you save them go through the dialogue and pick the dumb dialogue that mentions getting ice cream
  • Congrats you got the Ice Cream Ending  

1. Dumb Ending (Low Intelligence) 

The Dumb Ending is very simple to accomplish it is something best to pay attention to what you pick since its mostly a dialogue-driven ending.

Dumb Ending Review:

The Dumb Ending was honestly one of the most hilarious endings in a game I have ever seen or experienced and to make it even better if you aren’t careful you can do it on accident like I did, the bright side to this ending is that you get an achievement for accomplishing it. It doesn't matter who you plan on siding with Phineas or the Board all that matters is when it comes down to it that you choose to launch the Hope yourself with low intelligence and sit back and watch as you fly right into the sun. this is an interesting secret ending and the dumb dialogue leading up to this point makes it even better.

How to get this ending.

  • Create your character making sure intelligence is below average
  • Play through the game as you would doing whatever quests you want
  • Side with either Phineas or The Board it doesn’t entirely matter
  • Keep playing till you are sent to the Hope
  • Once at The Hope make your way to the Control room 
  • Patch ADA through and begin the dialogue 
  • When it gets to the choice to skip the Hope yourself or let ADA do it say you will skip it yourself
  • Pick the Dumb dialog and watch it all play out 
  • Congratulations you have been thrown into the sun and have achieved the Sunburn Achievement

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