[Top 10] The Outer Worlds Best Perks You Must Have

The Outer Worlds Best Perks
Companions give great perks too

 [Top 10] The Outer Worlds Best Perks You Must Have


10. High Maintenance

You take better care of your weapons and armor than most people.

Why High Maintenance is Great

  • Weapons and armor function for longer without breaking

High Maintenance details 

  • -25% Weapon Durability Loss
  • -25% Armor Durability loss

High Maintenance usefulness rating: 7/10

9. Cheetah

They’re not slow, you're just fast.

Why Cheetah is Great.

  • Move faster when sprinting
  • Allows you to jump farther

Cheetah details

  • +20% Sprint Speed

Cheetah usefulness rating: 7/10

8. Deadly Demonstrations

Your companions have a lot to teach you about killing.

Why Deadly Demonstrations is great.

  • More XP to level up
  • Get to Level 30 faster

Deadly Demonstrations Details

  • +50% XP from Companion Kills

Deadly Demonstrations usefulness rating: 8/10

7. Run and Gun

Reduce the penalties to accuracy when moving.

Why Run and Gun is great

  • Can aim and shoot while running much better than when first starting out

Run and Gun Details

  • -65% Movement Penalty to Accuracy

Run and Gun usefulness rating: 7/10

6. Harvester

Restore some Health whenever you kill an enemy.

Why Harvester is great.

  • Regain health after you kill an enemy
  • Great for any up close and personal build 

Harvester details

  • +15% Health Restored per Kill

Harvester usefulness rating: 6/10

5. Weird Science/Wild Science

Increases damage dealt by Science Weapons. One is good but both together is the best

Why Weird Science is great

  • Science weapon damage effects the three types of damage
  • N-ray, shock, and plasma damage can be overpowered

Weird/Wild Science details

  • +50% Science Weapon Damage (Weird Science)
  • +50% Science Weapon Damage (Wild Science)

Weird/WIld Science usefulness rating: 9/10

4. Armor Master

Increase the Armor Rating and Skill Bonuses From any Armor you wear.

Why Armor Master is Great

  • Doubles any skill bonus making any character you play even better

Armor Master Details

  • +10% Armor Rating Bonus
  • +100% Skill Bonus

Armor Master usefulness rating: 10/10

3. Last Stand

When you are at low health, you deal increased damage.

Why Last Stand is great.

  • More damage to survive is always a plus

Last Stand Details

  • +30% damage while under 25% health

Last Stand usefulness rating: 5/10

2. Confidence

There’s something about blood and violence that helps you focus. That’s not disturbing at all.

Why Confidence is Great

  • A good bonus after killing an enemy

Confidence details.

  • Your next attack after you kill an enemy is a guaranteed Critical Hit.

Confidence usefulness rating: 7/10

1. Thick Skin

All Area of Effect and Plasma damage dealt to you is reduced

Why Thick Skin is great

  • It allows you to run in and take more damage or take less from afar.

Thick Skin details

  • -15% Area of Effect Damage Received
  • -15% Plasma Damage Received

Thick Skin usefulness rating: 7/10


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