[Top 10] The Outer Worlds Best Weapons and How To Get Them (Early, Mid to Late Game)

The Outer Worlds Weapons
Whether you want to zap them to ash or turn them into swiss cheese, you're sure to find something to like here.

Here is a list of the best/most useful weapons in the game The Outer Worlds. These weapons are mostly going to be of the ranged variety, but melee options are available and useful. Most of them are useful, but almost all of the unique and what the games call Science Weapons are ranged weapons. The Science weapons especially do not only do damage, but each have unique effects on top of that. Bear in mind that many of the game’s other unique weapons that aren’t Science weapons use a similar model to weapons of that type. In most cases they do extra damage or already come with a mod installed and have a unique name. Also keep in mind that a given weapon’s damage stat can change depending on your skills and the various mods as well as the Tinker ability, which allows you to upgrade weapons at a workbench by spending money. So here we go.

10: Shrink Ray (Early Mid-game)

One of the game’s unique Science weapons, and possibly the first one you find. This gun does exactly what it says on the tin. When fired at an enemy, it shrinks them by at least half their size. This pistol does normal damage and uses energy cells as ammo, but it’s main draw is the fact that it shrinks the target, which causes them to obviously do less damage.

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage: 18
  • DPS: 36
  • Skill: Handguns
  • Clip Size: 100

Why the Shrink Ray Is Great:

  • Enemies hit by this weapon will shrink
  • Does regular energy damage as well.

How to get The Shrink Ray

  • Repair ship and leave Emerald Vale
  • Travel to Phineas’ Lab
  • Shrink Ray is on a table in the room where you meet Phineas

Shrink Ray In Action:

9: Euthanasia Kit (Mid-game)

Considering where you find it, this is quite a morbid name for a shotgun of all things. This is, however, one of the more useful shotguns in the mid-game, compared to other tactical shotguns. It’s description is just as morbid: “Shooting for the head is merciful.” Unfortunately, like most of the guns with unique names, you cannot install any mods besides those that are already installed in the weapon by default.

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage: 39x8
  • DPS: 392
  • Skill: Long Guns
  • Clip Size: 6

Why the Euthanasia Kit is great:

  • Has the Knockdown ability.
  • Uses Light Ammo which is cheaper and easier to get.

How to get the Euthanasia Kit:

  • Travel to the planet Monarch.
  • Find the Iconoclasts group base.
  • Follow the quest chain until the quest Pay For The Printer.
  • Travel to Terra One Publications.
  • Search one of the Medic corpses in a building just outside the main entrance.

Euthanasia Kit in action:

8: Irion’s Flintlock (Mid-Game)

With it’s interesting look, some might say this pistol is well worth getting for that alone. This pistol however, is also worth getting for it’s high rate of fire, since it fires 2 shots at a time every time you pull the trigger. Definitely worth getting, I would say, and relatively easy to get as well.

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage: 44x2
  • DPS: 259
  • Skill: Handguns
  • Clip Size: 12

What makes Irion’s Flintlock great:

  • Has the Stagger special effect.
  • Fires 2 shots every time you pull the trigger.

How to get Irion’s Flintlock:

  • Travel to Groundbreaker.
  • Go to the clinic and speak with Wanda Dorsett to get the Solution Vital quest
  • Rescue Irion the smuggler on Scylla to receive this pistol as a reward.

Irion’s Flintlock in action:

7: Shock Cannon Ultra (Mid-Game)

Among the many weapons that can be used for crowd control, this would probably be the best, or at least most interesting. This weapon shoots out a beam of electricity that does constant damage to any enemy it hits and has the chance to spread to other enemies if they are close enough.

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage: 98
  • DPS: 393
  • Skill: Heavy Weapons
  • Clip Size: 50

What makes the Shock Cannon Ultra great:

  • Has the Stun special effect.
  • Shots have a chance to spread to nearby enemies.

How to get the Shock Cannon Ultra:

  • Can be purchased at most shops once you reach Byzantium.

Shock Cannon Ultra in action:

6: Phin’s Phorce (Late Game)

This modified light assault rifle fires off a three-round burst of bullets that emit N-Rays, making it an exceptionally dangerous weapon. That damage only increases when it is upgraded and it even allows mods.

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage: 53x3
  • DPS: 630
  • Skill: Long Guns
  • Clip Size: 30

What makes Phin’s Phorce great:

  • Does N-Ray damage
  • Has the Stagger special effect

How to get Phin’s Phorce

  • During the quest ‘Kept Secret But Not Forgotten’ it can be found in Phineas’ Lab.

Phin’s Phorce in action:

5: Prismatic Hammer (Mid to Late-Game)

One of the special Science weapons that can be found in the game, what makes the Prismatic Hammer special is that it switches damage type with every hit. This means you alternate between Shock, Plasma and Corrosive damage constantly, with the potential to do crazy amounts of damage.

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage: 72
  • DPS: 76
  • Skill: 2-Handed Melee

What makes the Prismatic Hammer great:

  • Alternates between damage types with each hit.
  • Damage can be improved through upgrading or choosing perks.
  • Has the Knockdown special effect.

How to get the Prismatic Hammer:

  • Head to Groundbreaker.
  • Buy the battered Mardet datapad from Gladys.
  • Follow the marker to a hidden room in the western part of Groundbreaker.

Prismatic Hammer in action:

4: Ionized Paper Knife (Mid to Late-Game)

Despite what it’s name and description might lead you to believe this is actually a fast, dangerous and unique Plasma Cutter you can find while exploring the sewers of Byzantium.

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage: 160
  • DPS: 392
  • Skill: 1-Handed Melee

What makes the Ionized Paper Knife great:

  • Comes standard with the SpeedGrip mod, increasing attack speed.
  • Has the Burn special effect.

How to get the Ionized Paper Knife:

  • Head to Byzantium.
  • Go to the Maintenance Tunnels.
  • Find the room marked Parcel Service.
  • It is on the ground next to one of the bodies.

Ionized Paper Knife in action:

3: Supper Time (Mid to Late-Game)

This weapon is basically a unique version of the Officer’s Spine knife that can be found in the game, but has an increased attack speed, which means you can swing it more often than the normal 3-hit combo that is the standard.

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage: 75
  • DPS: 151
  • Skill: 1-Handed Melee

Why the Officer’s Spine is great:

  • Does corrosive damage by default, which does damage over time.
  • Has the Bleed special effect, which also does damage over time.
  • Increased attack rate, meaning it can be swung continuously.

How to get the Officer’s Spine:

  • Travel to Monarch.
  • Speak with Velma Ballard at the Warehouse in Stellar Bay.
  • Accept the quest to go look for Braxton.
  • Continue this quest until you travel to the family who live outside the city.
  • Explore the upper level of their house to find the knife in a locked room.

Supper Time in action:

2: Assault Rifle Ultra (Late Game)

Available as a drop or at most shops or vending machines after you reach level 20, but most often available later in the game, the Assault Rifle Ultra is a high-tier version of the standard assault rifle with increased damage. As with the assault rifle it is also possible to modify the damage type and add different types of scopes or barrels using mods.

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage: 82
  • DPS: 629
  • Skill: Long Guns
  • Clip Size: 24

Why the Assault Rifle Ultra is great:

  • Has the stagger special effect.
  • Can be upgraded with Tinker skill for more damage.
  • Like most weapons, it can be modified to change damage types.

How to get Assault Rifle Ultra:

  • As mentioned earlier, can be found during normal play once you reach player level 20.

Assault Rifle Ultra in action:

1: Deadeye Assault Rifle II (Mid to Late-Game)

Even though it’s name makes you assume it is a rapid fire weapon like a standard assault rifle, this is in fact a sniper rifle. Available to purchase from Gladys on the Groundbreaker after reaching player level 22 or higher, this is one of the best sniper rifles in the game.

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage: 263
  • DPS: 525
  • Skill: Long Guns
  • Clip Size: 6


Why the Deadeye Assault Rifle is great:

  • Has the Execute special ability.
  • One of the guns with the highest damage in the game.

How to get the Deadeye Assault Rifle II:

  • Once you reach player level 22, head to the Groundbreaker.
  • Make your way to the Rest n’ Go.
  • Speak with Gladys Kulkelly in her room, and ask to see what she has for sale.

Deadeye Assault Rifle in action:

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